Part 11

The Next Day in Pune,
Vaibhav and Sheetal had done a lot of work the previous day and met many informers and one of them had given a telephone number from where he said a few people were instructed. When Vaibhav dialed the number, Pratap answered the call…

Pratap – “CID Pune”
Vaibhav - “CID??? Aap kaun?”

Pratap is taken back at being asked this. ACP Prithviraj sees this…

ACP Prithviraj – “Kya hua Pratap…kaun hai?”
Pratap – “sir pata nahi kaun hai par haan shocked hai sunkar ki ye CID office hai”

ACP Prithviraj goes and takes the call and talks. Vaibhav and ACP Prithviraj knew each other as they both worked in the headquarters. Abruptly after a minute, ACP Prithviraj cuts the call and dialed to Vaibhav from his cell phone. While doing so, he went to the others and said – “Bina kuch pooche, ya bole, poore kamre ki talaashi lo”

Everyone nodded and started searching everywhere and ACP Prithviraj listened to what Vaibhav had to say on the phone. CID searched anything and everything they could find but no luck. Finally after 5 minutes, ACP Prithviraj put down the phone and clapped his hands and said – “badi bhook lagi hai. Chalo zara kuch khaya jaaye. Batao Pratap yahan ka sabse acha restaurant kaunsa hai?”

Pratap and all others were confused. They looked at each other in surprise and Pratap answered “sir central market mein dine-in kafi acha hai.” ACP Prithviraj smiles and then says – “good. Gadi nikalo wahin chaltein hain.”
Well everyone was confused but they did as they were told. Abhi and Daya tried asking ACP Prithviraj the matter but he just said that he was too hungry to work. Finally when they reached the restaurant, it was pretty full except one table reserved besides one occupied by a foreigner couple. ACP Prithviraj asked Pratap to give his visiting card to the manager and then join them on the reserved table. They ordered snacks and coffee and ACP Prithviraj surprisingly discussed their plans pretty loudly.

ACP Prithviraj – “khane ke baad Viren ke ghar chalte hain…Abhijeet, Viren B 6 narrow lane mein rehta tha na?” Abhijeet Nodded.

To reach Viren’s house, CID left the café but the foreigner couple too left with them. Everyone except ACP Prithviraj found it weird as the foreigner almost were following them everywhere but ACP Prithviraj didn’t seem to bother at all.
The Car had to be parked in the parking lot and you had to walk nearly 20 metres through the market to reach Viren’s place. While crossing the market, Abhi was deep into Shruti’s thoughts when suddenly he heard some shouting at a distance.

A man was running with a bag in his hand and a lady was shouting behind him. Abhi was so much into his thoughts that by the time he could figure what was happening and went to help, the robber had always ran past him and so the lady banged into Abhi and they both fell down.

Lady – “kya aap dekh kar nahi chal sakte? Wohh chor mera purse lekar bhaag gaya.”

Daya and Pratap ran after the thief and Kaveri and Lavanya went to help the lady who basically needed no help but was fully into the fight with Abhi.

Abhijeet – “dekhiye madam…”
Lady – “arre wah! Dekhna mujhe hai ki aapko. Bina kuch soche samjhe apni hi dhun mein jaa rahe hain”
Abhi was feeling too silly. The lady did only stop fighting when Pratap and Daya got back her purse, arrested the thief and told that they were CID officers. The whole thing took good 30 minutes and after that everyone laughed so much at Abhi’s halat that there was no serious work done for the next 30 minutes either. Abhi was embarrassed but he too had a jolly laugh.

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