Part 12 : Making of Voldemort

In his third year is where I think he must have properly formed the ‘Death Eaters’ Club of the ones who drew towards the Dark Arts, though there is no proof for same.

Nearly in the end of his fourth year, he must have found the Chambers of Secrets. He, in the vacations, when he didn’t leave for the muggle world, must have figured how to open it. Till now, Voldemort thought that he was the descendant of Salazar and he that’s why ought to complete Salazar’s incomplete task – to get the school muggle – born free. However this wasn’t his goal for long. Soon after when Voldemort had to abandon the chambers to avoid suspicions, he began tracing Salazar’s family line and soon found about his mother and his muggle father. He decided to visit the Gaunts place where he met Morfin. Voldemort must have discovered about his muggle father from Morfin. Later he killed his muggle father and grandparents. He also took the ring from Morfin, for firstly now he was the Salazar descendant and secondly he liked possessing all that looked good.
Even before coming in his year 5, Voldemort had found out about Horcruxes and so he killed Myrtle to make his first horcrux. Of course after visiting the wizarding world, Voldemort must have felt that what is the use of all this magic when one finally dies… in order to be great one must live…and live long. But this wasn’t really simple. It must have pained horribly to tear his soul into two, for the first time. That time, he possible even didn’t know enough about Horcrux for if not so, he wouldn’t have risked mentioning this to Professor Slughorn. I guess there must have gone something wrong with his horcrux or he wanted to know some precautions… else letting the word out in front of any professor was as risky as telling you have a Horcrux for Dumbledore would have found out. This is also a reason for why he decided to close the chambers, for he was too weak after creating a Horcrux to hide the whole chamber affair.
Another possibility is that probably Tom Riddle, didn’t want to loose the Chamber. And so he stored about the chamber in the diary as memories. However the day the basilisk killed Myrtle, the horcrux was created itself. Tom wished to keep all this alive and his wish was so evil, that a horcrux was created. Later in his 6th year he realized what had happened and he thought to find about it. On not getting much information as he was only in school, he asked Professor Slughorn. And from there he got the idea of creating more of Horcruxes.


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