Part 13 : Terror

Well the last two years of school, Voldemort kept his activities a little low as he had discovered something big and beyond imagination. He found out all he could about Horcruxes. We also know that he was still fond of owning valuables and so he chose valuables as his Horcruxes… maybe the idea was to unite the remaining powers of the four biggest wizards ever alive. For that, indeed a lot of work was done by him. He was probably one of very few who talked to the Grey lady about her life.
Well we know quite a lot about Voldemort’s life after Hogwarts. He joined a shop in knockturn alley as helper but his main aim was to collect the belongings of each founder.
After getting the locket, cup and the diadem, there were at least five Horcruxes made including the ring and the diary. Having split his soul so many times, Voldemort went through painful transformations. He came back to Hogwarts to apply for a job but Dumbledore figured something fishy and so denied.
We know since then, no Defence against dark arts teacher was at Hogwarts for more than one year. Well, one thing was clear to both Voldemort and Dumbledore – now Voldemort was no longer a young orphan who spent a sad and isolated childhood but had gone far towards evil.
However, I would like to point it out that even then Voldemort never forgot his past. His priorities changed but his decisions never altered. He still trusted no one and so made no friends. Probably because his ancestor Salazar Slytherin was hated and defamed by friends; his mother died of betrayal. And so there was no place for sentimental relationships for Voldemort. A reason may also be that he wanted to be the lone conquer. Having friends might mean to share his power or they may become his weakness. He had hardened his heart for any humanly feelings. He was an impressive personality, confident with words and with outstanding skills, yet he didn’t allow any emotion as he feared that it may one day make him weak.

Anyways after this, Voldemort kind of officially declared himself evil and with his death eaters, he terrorized people. Voldemort had now risen to a level high above revenge of his mother or Slytherin that once was what he wanted as Tom. Now what he desired was skill like no other. Another point to be added here is that he still didn’t believe in killing just for fun. He just killed those who tried to stop him or became a hurdle on his way. Actually it was the death eaters who killed for fun creating terror among people.

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