Part 32

Viren and Abhi together – “Shruti…” as Shruti fell down in front of Abhi holding his hand.

Just then, there was another fire… when everyone came out and saw… Anjali was also standing there holding a gun. She had fired at Viren.

ACP didn’t know what to say except – “Ambulance bulao jaldi”

Abhi was helping Shruti… ACP came forward to help her…

Shruti – “sir…”
ACP – “Shruti… ye kya kiya?”Shruti – “duty sir… mujhe ek minute Viren se baat karni hai…”
ACP – “thodi der ruko…fauran tum hospital mein theek hogi”
Shruti – “ek minute sir…please”

Daya who was holding Viren and with getting a blink from ACP, got his body closer to Shruti…

Shruti – “bhai…”

She didn’t speak anything else…but he understood.

Viren – “sorry behen… shayad main kabhi apne faisle sahi nahi le paaya…bachpan mein humesha tujhse jalta raha… phir Abhijeet se… usse phir chot pahuchayi”Abhi too looked at Viren’s face…

Viren – “maaf nahi karega kya?”

Before Abhi could say anything else, the Ambulance came and all the injured were rushed inside… Last what Abhi remembered seeing was all standing around him… staring blankly as two pair of hands carried him on a stretcher into the ambulance…

Abhi opened his eyes in the hospital to see Kaki and Daya standing beside his bed.

Daya – “ab kaisa lag raha hai boss? Char din se behosh ho…ab kaisa lag raha hai?”

Abhi smiled and tried to recall all that happened and then remembered…

Abhi – “Vaibhav aur Sheetal kaise hain? Aur Viren? Aur Shruti?”

Daya was silent for sometime… and then

Daya – “Vaibhav aur Viren nahi rahe”

Abhi was silent for sometime… it was a blow… he had really lost a friend…

Daya – “Viren ka bahut khoon beh gaya tha… doctors ne bahut koshish ki par usse nahi bacha paaye. Marne se pehle usne bataya ki saara paisa kahan milega… Kanya ko arrest kar liya gaya hai aur saara paisa le liya hai”

Daya was really upset to see a tear in Abhi’s eyes.

Kaki – “Abhijeet beta…tumhe aaram ki zaroorat hai”
Abhi – “kaki aap kaise ho?”
Kaki – “main bilkul theek hoon…par tu bata…kahin dard hai kya abhi?”
Abhi – “theek ho jaayega”
Daya – “boss Viren ye chithi tumhare liye de gaya…wohh aaya tha tumhe us din dekhne”

Daya held out a letter which Abhi took and opened… it was very badly written as Abhi guessed Viren was in a lot of pain when he wrote this. However, Abhi recognized his friend’s handwriting immediately.

I am sorry friend. I wasn’t ever that strong and your presence made me feel even weaker… I just wished I had known. Take care of Kanya and Shruti for me…

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