Part 7

They both went to Daya’s place to pack things and later to Abhijeet’s. When Abhijeet announced that he had to go to Pune as CID decided to investigate Viren’s death, Shruti was surprised but she was scared.
While Daya and Abhijeet packed Abhijeet’s bag and Abhijeet’s room, Shruti came to the room. She stood at the door silently till Daya noticed her and nudged Abhijeet.

Abhijeet – “Shruti ji aap? Koi kaam tha?”

Shruti looked extremely scared and not at all her usual self.
Abhijeet was little surprised to see Shruti there and much more surprised to see her scared. He secretly wished to go away quickly as then he wouldn’t see Shruti and could possibly forget her and free him of the feelings he has suddenly developed towards her.

Shruti – “aap log Viren ka case kyun investigate kar rahe hain? Jab Police ke hisab se yeh ek accident tha toh ab ismein investigate karne ko kya hai?”

Abhijeet opens his mouth to speaking thinking hard what to say but Daya stops him as Daya feared that Abhijeet might tell Shruti the real purpose for them going to Pune which couldn’t really harm them but any kind of risks couldn’t be afforded in this case atleast.

Daya – “Shruti ji, cheezein humesha waisi nahi hoti jaisi dikhti hain. Dariye mat…hum bas thodi chaan-been karne hi toh jaa rahe hain.”

And what Shruti speaks next…gets the two indeed shocked…

Shruti – “kahi aap dono exhibition se hui chori ka case toh nahi solve kar rahe?”

Abhi and Daya are surprised and then Abhijeet remembers that he hadn’t shut the computer in the morning when Shruti was in the room and he had gone to the washroom.

Abhijeet – “nahi..par Shruti aap us case ke bare mein kya jaanti hai aur aise kyun pooch rahi hain?”

Shruti gets on the verge of crying, shouting..howling..out LOUD..she is extremely frightened. Abhijeet and Daya exchange looks.

Shruti – “Abhijeet ji yeh case bahut khatarnaal hai…bahut khatra hai ismein…main aapse keh rahi hoon agar aap us case mein hain toh usse chod dijiye aur Viren ki maut bhi bhool jayiye. Jo nahi hai, uske liye jaan gawani bewakoofi hai…main keh rahi hoon aapse…main keh rahi hoon”

And saying this..she left the room and ran towards hers and bolted it shut from inside. Abhijeet went after her but couldn’t stop her…he called her from outside to open the door but she didn’t.


  1. I've read till this part and so far it's really good. :) Case looks damn interesting, and very gripping story. Really liking it, but not really liking the part of abhi liking shruti. :P
    Will InshAllah read all parts, really good story. :)

    Ika :)

  2. I am glad u liked it.. I am sure that I will atleast meet ur low hopes :P


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