Part 9

Abhijeet was a little shocked to read the paper – a spy right inside CID. The thought of their conversations leaking was horrible indeed. However, Abhijeet passed the paper to much curious Daya as now seeing the looks on Abhijeet’s face, he was sure to receive a deadly news. When Abhijeet looked at ACP Prithviraj, ACP Prithviraj just smiled and

ACP Prithviraj – “Kya hua Abhijeet? Kaam karne ka mood nahi hai kya? Chalo sab kaam par lago.”

Abhijeet opened the file ACP Prithviraj had asked to open on his computer and started reading it. Once everyone finished reading the message passed, Lavanya (who read it last) gave it back to ACP Prithviraj as been told and she too opened the file on her computer.

The file in the computer read –
“I was in Calcutta regarding another case when I saw that Jewellery market was open for an unusual late hour and there was large amount of Police there. On investigating, I found out that many people had struck various shops and sold them jewellery worth thousands and taken the cash. Everything seemed fine, till one jeweler recognized the jewellery sold to him as the jewellery that was supposed to be in exhibition. But it was too late, all the men who had sold it, were long gone. Well, the total jewellery sold there was worth 2 lakh 73 thousand, and it all resides right now in the headquarters.”

Pratap came in while they were reading the file in the comuter.

Pratap – “sir ye rahi list.”

ACP Prithviraj took it but kept it on the table. He then got up, went to the dustbin and burnt the paper on which he had scribbed the message. After which he threw the ash into the dustbin and added water…

Everyone watched him do it and realised how serious and complicated the situation was that one small flaw might ruin everything…Pratap however didn’t know this but he never questioned..however ACP Prithviraj sensed his doubt and

ACP Prithviraj - “Head Quarters ke order hain ki yahan security kam hai isiliye confidential news leek ho sakti hai.”

ACP Prithviraj came back and handed the list to Abhijeet

ACP Prithviraj - “Abhijeet list dekhkar batao…kya tum kisi number ko pehchante ho?”

It was a list of calls received and made from Viren’s mobile phone in the past 4 months…

Abhijeet - “sir..”

He sounded rather alarmed…

ACP Prithviraj - “Kya baat hai Abhijeet?”
Abhijeet - “Ye namumkin hai”

Abhijeet was really in a shock..everyone gathered around him but no one spoke for a while and then

Daya - “Kya baat hai Abhijeet?”

Abhijeet - “Viren ke mobile se 21 February ko ek call aayi hai…aur ussi din ek call ki gayi hai”

ACP Prithviraj – “toh?”

Abhijeet – “par sir..Shruti…I mean Viren ki wife ne bataya ki Viren ki maut 16 tareeq ko ho gayi thi aur body ke paas uska cell phone bhi mila tha – toota hua.”

ACP Prithviraj took the list and checked it

ACP Prithviraj – “Ye dono number toh ek hi hain..aur dekho Mumbai ke hain.”

Abhijeet became quiet again but this time rather serious. He didn’t say anything though.

ACP Prithviraj – “Chalo phir..investigation shuru…Pratap pata karo Viren kaam kaha karta tha..Jab pata chale toh Kaveri aur Lavanya ke saath jaa kar waha chaan – been karo”

The 3 nodded and sat on one computer each…Pratap kept telling them things.

ACP Prithviraj : “aur hum..Abhijeet, Daya and main..Viren ka ghar aur uske gharwalo ko dhoondte hain. Koi bhi distant relative bhi chalega. Ek baar kuch pata chal jaaye toh phir Viren ki wife se bi proper tareeqe se poochenge”

Saying this, he took a computer and signaled Abhijeet and Daya to take one too…Abhijeet was already disturbed about the number and the mention of Shruti troubled him more..How will he take ACP Prithviraj to his house saying that Shruti was in his house.
Daya sensed his tension and checked…wen everyone was busy working..he quietly asked him – “ye galat baat hai ab. Subah se pareshaan ho.”

Abhijeet didn’t reply…Daya got worried

Daya – “pareshan mat ho Abhijeet. Asal mein kabhi Shruti se milne ki zaroorat nahi hogi..usse pehle hi humara case solve ho jaayega.”

And then Abhijeet realised that ACP Prithviraj will never bother where Shruti is as they weren’t working on this case. So, half of his tension lifted but the other half..haunted him worse

He smiled slightly to Daya and said “Nahi Daya baat kuch aur hai.”
Daya - “Kya?”(demandingly)
Abhijeet - “Wohh no.”
Daya – “Kaun sa.”
Abhijeet - “Jis par Viren ne Mumbai mein call kiya aur jahan se call aya.”
Daya – “Kya hua us no. ko?”
Abhijeet- “Wohh no. mere ghar ke aas pass ka hai. Shayad market ke P.C.O Ka.”

Daya too gets tensed!

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