Part 11 : Year 1 and 2

Till Tom reached Hogwarts, he already must have had a good knowledge of spells and a fairly good idea of what was in his text books as he must have had spent his past few days at the muggle orphanage, reading the books and even practicing wand work.
If I can tackle my memory well, Tom was the studious brainiest before Hermoine Granger. Well, so I need not tell what all Tom could so but yes I am sure he was pretty advance for his class. But there was something else that must have worried Tom.
The thin was that when everyone talked of their inheritance of magical blood, Tom too wanted to know that. He wasn’t a muggle – born for sure for he was in Slytherin but now the question was who could be a wizard in his family.
Well I cant exactly tell when, but he must have figured it out soon that his father must have abandoned his mother for she was a witch and he mustn’t have known it forehand. Tom must have hated it – how a muggle left a witch and she suffered a fate worse than death. Inspite of being witch, she accepted her seclusion with resignation but it took her straight to miseries and finally death.
I don’t blame Tom as a son, for hating his father. In Book 2, Tom tells about himself in the Chamber of Secrets, there we see hatred in every inch of him when he mentions his father and to me this is well justified.
Apart from this, Voldemort was a multi – talented person. With getting all great grades and topping in each subject each year, he was also the teacher’s favourite. He must be one of the very few before Hermoine, who must have read all the books in the Hogwarts Library. Though I don’t think, he must have contributed towards Quidditch, as while Quidditch game was on, it always is the best chance for anyone to explore the castle without being noticed.
I think during this exploring only, he found about the room of requirement and he used it a lot many times to have enough faith in it to hide a horcrux there. Well I don’t think till now Tom was Voldemort but he definitely was the leader of few Slytherins (the first few death eaters) who did things for him.

Well, so we know a genius had entered Hogwarts. Tom received all the trophies and medals the school had to offer. Ahead in almost everything and so all the teachers liked and trusted him except – Dumbledore. Having known Grindelwald so well, Dumbledore needed no more than a minute to know that the dark dwelled in Tom’s soul and so he always kept an eye on the little Tom. However, Tom’s desperation now for a name of his own was so high that some things didn’t really bother.

Into a little detail about his life at Hogwarts, I think Tom spent his first two years in research. He wanted to find his ancestors and he must have did all he could for that. An interesting tale might me that he found about Salazar Slytherin and noticed how the two had kind of same thoughts or he felt sympathy for the Slytherin or in some way he must have felt connected to Salazar. On discovering that he was a paselmouth, he added 2 and 2 to conclude that he surely is the true descendent of Slytherin. After knowing that he was the descendant, he must have had searched even more about Salazar and found out about the Cambers which he then started searching. Meanwhile, there were even other things he tried in for.
He studied a lot about the wizarding world and this was because he was in complete dark when he should have been there. So to make up, he studied extra. Then ancient and crude forms of magic must have drew his interest as he believed to extend the limit of magic and for that he must have read how the current spells were derived from the earlier ones.

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