Part 18 : Coming back

Now we all know what happened next – Jr Barty, replaces Moody… Harry enters Triwizard Tournament, Cedric dies and Voldie gets a body. Throughout this we also know that Voldie was getting stronger… now the thing is how? He was merely part of a soul – worse than alive like Hagrid said… but still he was strengthening… I guess that now Voldie was above human measures. There was definitely fear in Harry’s mind about the tournament and also Ron and Hermoine werent there like always. Moreover no one was for the first time. Harry was alone and partly scared. Ofcourse Barty told this to Voldie and so Voldie grew on Harry’s fears.
Ps – remember when Harry’s name comes out of the Goblet, Sr. Barty is asked to decide and he says let Harry be one of the champions.. I guess even then Barty was under spell else I don’t think he would have said so!

Well, further… even when Voldie was growing, no one bothered to find him… they all damn well knew he was around for their marks were burning like Igor said but they never came to find him. Indeed ones like Igor ran away of fear and later were killed by Voldie.

Well once Voldie gained shape, we again know what happened – Priori Incantatem. Voldie was so desperate to kill Harry that he wanted it to be the first task he do after gaining shape but this was the first time Harry was beating Voldie… and well he won with his parents help.
Now, Voldie first task was to go after the death eaters who didn’t even return after being summoned for fine they were disloyal in his absense but to this extent? Voldie had spent all his childhood alone… today he was in power, just because he was silent for long doesn’t mean he lost all power… doesn’t mean he needs to be deserted again.

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