Part 20 : Dumbledore's entry

But now, his identity keeping hidden was no longer a motive… he had to be out, else people wont really fear him… what mattered was that Voldemort’s wand worked perfectly fine against Dumbledore but not against Harry. Why was Voldie’s wand so determined not to harm Harry? Voldie decided to find out… he got Ollivander who explained him about Priori Incantatem… so what next? Actually, Voldie decided to wait a little before getting to the end… now this little portion is dedicated to Dumbledore…

Dumbledore knew since an year (ending of Triwizard Tournament) that Voldie was back… and he also knew that Voldie witnessed Priori Incantatem… so it was just a matter of days, when Voldie will find out about the twin cores and then search a cure for it.. and by chance, if there was a cure, Harry will have to die (and I dnt get whats wrong about it??)… Anyways, Dumbledore played his trump card… after the fight at the ministry, Dumbledore sent Snape to Voldemort.

Snape was able to tell about the reforming of order and their headquarters (not sure though about the head quarters) and a little more… this way Voldie found that they all trusted Snape and he could plant a spy in Hogwarts. What next… Dumbledore’s plan worked… Voldie’s mind was driven away from the wand… he was more determined on harry now… Voldie knew Harry was impossible to reach till Dumbledore is there… now Snape must have told Voldie that Dumbledore is getting weaker after the duel and thus Dumbledore’s plan works again when Voldie gets Draco to kill Dumbledore… lala land!! Voldie thought he was clever playing a one arrow 2 shot game by using Draco and getting Dumbledore killed and taking revenge on Lucius but he never knew that he was the rat and in the big rat-trap.

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