Part 23 : The End... the sad end

The reason for this real long story is just plane… Voldemort had been any other student like me or you. Its just he was never given a chance to be understood… never a chance to be friends with. Dumbledore had easily said that this boy is danger after the very first meeting but even Dumbledore didn’t care to check the problem and sort it out. Had Dumbledore been a friend more than a spy, I am hell sure that it would have had been all very different.

Why isnt a young boy given a chance just for he has more control over his powers and is a little arrogant. Why is arrogance always taken to excess pride… I just don’t know who is responsible for it but I know that the wizarding world due to its own neglegence, lost a great wizard to the dark powers.

Voldemort’s story speaks of all evils in the wizarding world – injustices to men of honour, the shame they face if they don’t agree to the majority, the shame faced by not just them but their generations, ill treatment to squibs, ill enough to make them do what is wrong, the shame of being parentless, the shame of not knowing your ancestors… maybe the wizarding world is not filled with thiefs and terrorists but there are greater evils.

Today, I just hope, Voldemort, wherever he is – May he be blessed. He certainly is an angel for no other person can possess brains and talent to that extent… Take Care Lord Voldemort.

**I hope now atleast you wont hate him so much. Just think does he really deserve it?


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