Part 14

In Mumbai,
ACP entered the office with anger. Head Quarters were calling again and again for news and ACP was messed up with lot of problems as the recordings were not at all fine. All the cameras had some frames cut and in 3 of the cameras there was a problem of 3 – 5 minutes. ACP paced in tension in his office while Freddie and Daya were constantly checking the video recordings noticing each and everyone entering till they exit. Finally out of tension, ACP comes out from his cabin and walks upto them.
ACP – “kuch pata chala”
Freddie – “sab log toh theek dikh rahe hain, sir”
ACP – “toh phir chori kisne ki? Tumne ya maine?”
Freddie – “nahi nahi sir maine nahi ki…shayad aapne…”
ACP looks at him angrily…

Vivek – “sir mujhe lagta hai ki hume dekhna chahiye jis camere mein 5 minute ki recording missing hai, wohh kya kya dikhata hai. Usse shayad pata chale ki chor sahi mein kahan tha.”
ACP – “zaroor waha se bahar jaane ka koi raata hoga. Dhoondo usse.”

Just then ACP gets a call from ACP Prithviraj, who tells him all they had found from Gangu. ACP tells them what he found out and so they decide that Vaibhav, Sheetal, Kaveri, Lavanya, Abhi and Daya should return to Mumbai and go with ACP to check the hall while ACP Prithviraj and Pratap shall find the traitor.

In Pune,
When ACP Prithviraj and others reach the office, Abhi and Daya had also returned. ACP Prithviraj tells that CID mumbai should go back and investigate there (he doesn’t tell what investigation neither he tells about what Pratap is to do as the traitor must be listening). Listening to it,

Abhi – “sir main Mumbai nahi jaunga.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Par Abhijeet tum toh jaante ho na wahan case kitna zaroori hai.”
Abhi – “sir mujhe yahan kuch aur kaam hai aur waise bhi aap yahan akele kaise investigation karenge.”
ACP Prithviraj – “Abhijeet dekho Pratap hai mere saath. Tumhara jaana zaroori hai”
Abhi – “sir I am sorry main aapko bata nahi sakta par abhi mera yahan rehna zaroori hai. Mujhe Viren ke katil tak pahuchna hi hoga. Wohh mera dost tha.”
Daya – “sir mujhe lagta hai main bhi Abhijeet ke saath yahan rukta hoon. Wahan zaroori case hai toh sab log toh hain. Ab jab Viren ki file kholi hai toh band karni zaroori hai.”

Before ACP Prithviraj could say anything, Abhi called ACP Pradyuman and told him that he can’t come. ACP did understand and agreed to let Daya and Abhi stay in Pune with ACP Prithviraj.

That evening, Lavanya, Kaveri, Vaibhav and Sheetal left for Mumbai. ACP Prithviraj, Pratap, Daya and Abhi went out to a restaurant to take dinner and then Pratap was told the matter by ACP Prithviraj. Pratap couldn’t believe himself.

Pratap – “par sir CID bureau mein koi..kaise?”
ACP Prithviraj – “yeh sach hai Pratap…aur kaise, yehi toh dhoodna hai”
Daya – “Rajeev koi apne aap thodi na marr gaya. Zaroor kuch toh gadbad hai”

Abhi wasn’t speaking anything. He was into his own thoughts.

ACP Prithviraj – “Abhijeet kya hua?”
Abhi – “kuch nahi sir bas thoda pareshaan tha.”
ACP Prithviraj – “hum kuch kar sakte hain?”
Abhi – “sir koi baat nahi. Theek hoon…main zara bahar chakkar laga kar aata hoon…”

Saying so, Abhi left and went out of the restaurant and began strolling in the street. It was a market street but not much crowded. He was in his own thoughts and then he heard firing on the streets and then a girl shouting. He saw that it was Shruti (Viren’s sister)…she was standing with a bunch of girls when the bullet went just an inch away from her. There were 5 bikers on the road full in black with guns in hand aiming at her. Shruti and her friends ducked and Abhi rang in their direction to help. He immediately took out his gun and fired at a rider who hurt his arm with which he was aiming at Shruti…
The other four got alert and aimed at Abhi instead but till then Daya, Pratap and ACP Prithviraj had also come with their guns drawn and there was horrible firing on the road. While all this was on, Abhi rushed to help Shruti and her friends. Shruti’s one friend was injured. The bullet had rubbed against her arm and Shruti was tieing her hankerchief to stop the blood. Abhi went to help.

Abhi – “aap theek hain?”

Shruti nodded but no one replied. Abhi was in front of the girls with his gun up and firing. Finally when one biker was hit by a bullet and was dead, the others ran away. Daya and Pratap went to catch the dead biker in hope that he might still be alive and could tell something but he was dead. They also took hold of his bike. Meanwhile, ACP Prithviraj reached to help the girls along with Shruti. Abhi was now helping Shruti in getting the injured girl into the car so as to take her to hospital as the bleeding didn’t stop. ACP Prithviraj sent his car (filled with Policemen) with them. Abhi too went to hospital.

In the hospital, the girl Anamika wasn’t injured much but her blood was thin so the bleeding continued for long due to which blood had to be given. Abhi’s blood group matched that of the girl and he willingly gave his blood. The girl’s mother thanked Abhi and Shruti a lot and the other girls who were scared were dropped to their homes by Policemen. Anamika was suggested to be in hospital for a night and her family was there with her. Abhi asked if he should leave Shruti to her home and Shruti accepted the offer.

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