Part 18

Kaki – “Abhijeet aa gaya tu? Ek phone hi kar deta, itne dino na koi khair, na khabar, Shruti toh pareshan ho gayi, par maine usse bata diya ki yeh toh roz ki hi baat si hai. Yeh kaun hai?”Abhi – “Kaki…wohh –“

Abhi didn’t know what to tell but Shruti covered up.

Shruti – “Kaki namaste…main Sh…Shipra hoon. Main CID officer hoon. Abhijeet ke dost Viren ke case par kaam kar rahi hoon. Toh maine socha kuch din ke liye Mumbai aayi hoon toh yahan reh leti hoon, Abhijeet ji se case ke bare mein baat bhi kar lungi. Kya main yahan reh sakti hoon?”
Kaki – “arri beti aa na…ismein bhi koi poochne ki baat hai…Abhijeet toh ghar mein rehta hi nahi, chalo kuch din ghar mein hulchul rahegi.”

While the conversation was on, the three walked in. Abhijeet was confused for why Shruti called herself Shipra and also a CID officer and stared at her for an explanation but she never looked at him but she was busy talking to Kaki. And then Abhi’s eyes raced the length of the hall to a figure standing just below the stairs was Shruti (claimed Viren’s wife). She heard Abhi’s and Kaki’s voice and rushed down from her room to see. She was pretty scared just like she was went Abhi had left. Seeing her, Abhi suddenly remembered all that was going inside him when he had left regarding her but after meeting the other Shruti (Viren’s sis), and getting into Viren’s case, Abhi almost forgot all about Shruti and never did either feel anything for her. And so seeing her and remembering all the things was very embarrassing.

Abhi didn’t want to face her and so,
Abhi – “Kaki mujhe office mein report karna hai, mujhe jaana hoga.”
Kaki – “thodi der baith toh, kuch kha le”
Abhi – “nahi kaki, der ho jaayegi”

And without another glance he left.

In CID office,
Everyone was there in the evening – ACP, ACP Prithviraj, Pratap, Daya, Abhijeet, Freddie, Vivek, Vaibhav, Sheetal, Lavanya and Kaveri…all of them working individually on the same case reading files and papers or searching the net, and both the ACP were deep in conversation.

ACP Prithviraj – “mujhe lagta hai ki iss gangu ko pakadna chahiye, yeh aur bhi bahut kuch bata sakta hai”
ACP – “par iss baat ka kya barosa ki wohh sirf humare liye kaam kar raha hai?”

Before ACP Prithviraj could answer, ACP’s phone rang, he picked it up and it was Saluke, calling them all to the Lab.

From the exhibition in the morning, they had found a lot of things apart from the nail and the cement with glue. In the AC control room, there were no special prints except burns of cigarette but just outside the room there was a narrow passage and Vaibhav suggested that when the thief would have come in, he would have needed to hold something to balance himself, and so when they tried looking for fingerprints, they found 25 different fingerprints. The nail and the fingerprints were being studied in the forensic and Saluke had now called to tell them that he had found something.

So they all left for the Forensic Lab,

In the forensic Lab,

ACP – “haan Saluke jaldi batao kya mila hai?”
Saluke – “ACP tumse kitni baar kaha hai ki forensic lab mein aane se pehle apna ghoda bahar chod ke aaya karo…andar baad mein aate ho pehle hi jaldi macha dete ho…yeh forensic lab hai, yahan kaam jaldi nahi dhang se hona chahiye.”
ACP – “haan haan theek hai batao toh ab ki kya mila”
Saluke – “batata hoon…batata hoon…jaldi kya hai?”

Saluke was moving around the lab while the conversation was on…he was holding a test tube with something inside it and moving with it, adding chemicals into it…ACP looked at others and then back…

ACP – “Saluke jaldi bolo…hume aur bhi kaam hain…”
Saluke – “toh karo na…kisne mana kiya, jo baat sunne aaye ho agar thoda theek se dhoondte toh tumhe khud pata chal jaati.”
ACP – “acha…aisa kya hai, bolo toh, taaki agli baar se hum log ache se apna kaam karein”
Saluke – “Dr. Tarika…”
Dr. Tarika – “jo fingerprints aap laaye hain, wohh CID inspector Rajeev aur unki assistant Kanya ke hain”
ACP – “kya?”
Saluke – “haan boss…kyu hosh ud gaye?”
Vaibhav – “par aisa kaise ho sakta hai?”
Pratap – “par yeh nahi ho sakta…Rajeev sir toh Pune mein hi the humesha.”
Saluke – “fingerprints tumhare saamne hain, aur wohh raha computer jismein CID records hain, khud check kar lo”

Vaibhav who didn’t believe this, along with Daya, Abhi, Sheetal and Vivek who all didn’t believe this either, went to the computer. Vivek took the finger prints lying on the table and scanned them and Vaibhav ran a search…after nearly 15 minutes of search, the results actually were the one told by Dr. Tarika. Everyone was shocked.

ACP – “kya hua? Kya mila?”
Abhi – “sir Dr. Saluke aur Dr. Tarika sahi keh rahe hain.”
Saluke – “sun liya…humari baat par toh bharosa hi nahi tha par apne officers par toh hai na?”

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