Part 21

Shruti was climbing the stairs carrying milk for Abhijeet…as Shipra forgot the milk glass in the kitchen and she saw Shipra pull Abhi into the room and making him sit and eat… Abhi was laughing and applying least resistance… And then after having a few bites, he wanted water, and so Shipra got to get it and she remembered she had forgotten the milk in the kitchen too and then they saw Shruti standing on the door carrying the glass of milk…

Shipra – “leejiye dhoodh toh aa gaya, main paani lati hoon aap dono tab tak baatein kariye.”

Shipra went pass Shruti saying so. Abhi had stopped laughing but didn’t look at Shruti, Shruti was also silent. She walked in and placed the glass on the bedside table and then unexpectedly …

Abhi – “aapse ek baat poochoin Shruti?”

Shruti didn’t expect Abhi to speak and she actually feared him asking her about her unusual behaviour on the day he went to Pune. Well, she knew that she was in trouble but inspite of wanting to get out of it, she couldn’t and if Abhi would suspect her, things would get just worse. So she decided to face it. She nodded.

Abhi – “Aap aur Viren ek doosre ko kab se jaante the?”
Shruti – “7 saal se zyada ho gaye hain. Hum pehle Bhopal mein mile the.”
Abhi – “aap Bhopal mein thi? Kya karti thi aap wahan?”
Shruti – “kya yeh bhi aapki investigation ka hissa hai?”
Abhi – “dekhiye Shruti ji main jaanta hoon aapko ajeeb lag raha hoga par ab mujhe yakeen hai ki Viren ka khoon hua hai jisse accident dikhaya gaya hai aur main apne dost ke liye kuch karna chahta hoon…jismein mujhe aapki madad chahiye hogi.”
Shruti – “Viren ka kisi ne khoon nahi kiya hai, maine khud investigation dekhi hai. Accident tha, aap apne aap ko kyun pareshan kar rahe hain?”

Shipra had come by now…

Shipra – “kyunki CID officers ki toh yahi nishani hai…choti choti baatoin par pareshan ho jaate hain.”
Abhi – “choti choti baatein hi aage chalke badi surkhiya jo banti hain.”
Shipra – “acha ab aap pareshani chodo aur so jaayiye, warna kal subah aapko office mein der se pahunchne par pareshani hogi.”
Abhi – “arre haan, main toh bhool hi gaya, kal subah ACP sir ne jaldi bulaya hai toh kaki se kehna mere liye naashta na banaye.”
Shipra – “naasta kyun nahi karenge? Aap boliye aapko naasta kab chahiye, tab milega par naasta khaaye begair bahar jaana mana hai..”
Abhi – “par…”
Shipra – “subah 5 baje ke baad naasta tyaar milega, khabardaar bina khaaye gaye…good night.”

She didn’t wait to listen to anything. Saying so, she pulled Shruti out of the room. Poor dear Abhi couldn’t do anything much than stare at her leave and smile… Meanwhile Shruti didn’t liked being pulled out as she smelled something fishy about Shipra and she too guessed something messy between Shipra and Abhi which of course she didn’t herself like. Well not out of jealousy, but if Shipra went close to Abhi, this could create problems for Shruti in future…which wouldn’t be good. Shipra let go of her hand as soon as they were entering the room they shared. Shruti’s daughter (Pinky) was already fast asleep in the middle and Shipra took a novel from her bag and began reading it while Shruti went down to wind up the kitchen.

Abhijeet couldn’t sleep. It was a restless night for him…Viren was someone keeping him from everything else at the moment. Giving up the idea to get sleep this night, Abhi went to the study and opened his computer and searched about Viren in the CID records and all places that he thought of… tired, unknowingly, he fell asleep there on the table.
And suddenly he woke with a jerk…it was late in night and Abhi recalled that he slept here for pretty long…however some noise woke him…someone was moving in the house…he walked out into the hall, it was 2 in the night…he heard someone dialing a number of a cell phone but it was impossible to guess who?

Abhi – “kaun hai wahan?”

No reply…but as he turned to see the other way, there was some moment on his back side and some magazines kept on a table had fallen. He went to pick them up…and while doing so, the lights were switched on… Both Shruti and Shipra heard Abhi calling someone and they came to see the matter. Shruti seemed dizzy however Shipra was pretty awake and alert…

Shipra – “kya hua?”
Abhi – “Yahan koi tha…phone pe number mila raha tha…”
Shruti – “par yahan humare alawa koi nahi hai. Kaun milayega?”
Abhi – “wahi toh dekh raha hoon…”

Shipra moved ahead wanting to come to help Abhijeet…but he saw her and

Abhi – “rehene do…koi nahi dikhta…shayad mujhe aise hi laga…”
Shipra – “CID officers ko sapno mein jeene ki aadat nahi hoti”
Abhi – “par takte toh hain na…aap dono so jaayiye…kuch nahi hai…”

Saying so, Abhi went to his room…and Shruti and Shipra switched off the light and went to theirs…Abhi knew that he did hear someone but who…possibly Shruti…but it was all so confusing and he hated to leave the investigation and go off but he couldn’t have done anything else either…

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