Part 30

In the office…
Freddie was really nervous. ACP had called and told him that the person portraying as Rampal chacha is no one else but the villain of the story. He was blabbering to himself…

Freddie – “arre yeh main kahan fas gaya…wife ko pata chalega toh na jaane kya kahegi… par Freddie yahi tera chance hai, agar abhi isse akele pakad liya, toh ACP sir kabhi nahi keh paayenge ki Freddie mein akal nahi hai… aur socho toh wife kitni khush hogi… aur wohh Vivek… tab usse bataunga ki CID officer hona kya hota hai…”

When, ACP, Shruti, Abhi, Daya and all others reached the bureau Freddie was sitting silent on a chair…shocked… eyes wide in surprise and the two officers along with Gangu, were trying to calm him down.

ACP – “kya hua Freddie ko?”
Officer 1 – “sir Freddie sir ne na jaane achanak Rampal Chacha ko maara, Rajeev sir ke office mein lock kiya par ye sab itna achanak hua ki Freddie sir shock mein hain”
Daya – “kya Freddie ne Rampal chacha ko maara…par kyun?”

Shruti didn’t wait to listen to another word, she went to see. The man was lying on the floor on his chest… possibly dead as blood was there all around his head. Shruti quietly unlocked the door and went in… slowly she approached the body. Abhi was the only one who saw her leave and followed her.
There as soon as Shruti held the man’s hand to turn him to see his face, the man got up and snatched Shruti’s gun… Abhi saw this and ran there to help… the others too had seen this and now went near but the man now had gun pointed on Shruti’s head.

Rampal Chacha – “ruk jao…sab jahan ho wahin ruk jao warna isse maar dunga”
Abhi – “Viren…Shruti ko chod do”
Viren – “arre wah…Abhijeet tumne mujhe kaise pehchana? Chalo wohh chodo pehle jao darwaza band kar do… do dost itne dino baad mile hain…main nahi chahta ki tumhare office wale hume tang kare”

Abhi didn’t move…

Viren – “jao warna isse maar dunga aur apni bandook bahar hi chod kar aana”

Abhi went and did as he was asked to. The room was sound proof and bullet proof…means that once the door is closed, one cant listen to any talks that go on inside. However he did so and then returned nearer to Viren.

Viren – “meri behen ki jaan tumhare liye itni kimati kab se ho gayi Abhijeet?”
Abhi – “sabki jaan kimati hoti hai Viren…agar tum ye samajhte toh shayad aaj wahan na hote”
Viren – “haan shayad agar main ye samajhta toh tumhari tarah hi sarkari naukari karta? Kya mila tumhe desh desh chilla kar? Jaan ki baazi ke badle kuch hazar rupye? Aaj mere paas itna hai ki main agar kabhi na kamaun toh bhi koi farak nahi padega”
Abhi – “ye daulat kis kimat par?”

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