Lord Voldemort : You maynot really know who!

Well, first of all...I am just as big Harry Potter maniac as you might be, if not more...so no offence. its just that I have fancied 'devils' since like always. Dark Magic, evil, potions, spells...appeal alot to me or in simple words - I love to be a Slytherin! Lolzzz...

Hence, I write this down just for the sake that whoever reads it, I should possibly make him / her believe that Lord Voldemort really rules or even if after reading this you believe that if you ever tried on the sorting hat, you will not say "not slytherin please"...my purpose is solved.

  • Precautions : I am not a Harry Potter (character) or Daniel Radcliffe fan.
  • You must be familiar to Harry Potter world to understand the text.
  • Information included from all Harry Potter books.

Long time ago...miles far away...nah! Very much in the wizarding world (which by the way is huge beyond imagination): we come across a character - Salazar Slytherin; one of the four founders of Hogwarts, founder of the one of the four houses, supporter of pure bloods (thought I dont think you woud count it as a merit) and a highly intelligent person. I do agree that his opinion of a 'muggle - born free' wizarding world wasnt any good; and there ofcourse his fighting with the other three founders wasnt ustified but I dont think that he was any bad at heart.

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