Episode 1 Part 3

10:34 AM
Scene 8
Abhijeet searched the whole hospital but he couldnt find a clue about Shruti. He needed to find her at all costs but how... He walked past a ward when a sister called to him... at first he didnt respond for he was not habitual of being addressed as a wardboy but then he realised that he was disguised.
He went... The sister gave him a wheel chair to be taken for a lady who was taken out of here now. Abhi was anything but interested. He delivered the chair outside the room and then was sent to fetch clean bedsheets...

When he came back, a man in black was wheeling a lady on the wheel chair out of the room. Abhi went inside to clean the room... nothing in the room really bothered him. He wanted to clean fast enough and be out. At a real fast speed, he changed the bedsheet and threw the dirt... and then he found a ring, a chain and a pair or earrings. He picked them up for they couldnt be thrown in trash and was going to deposit them... on the way, he was just playing with the ring when he noticed something...

he looked at the ring carefully and yes, it was the very same ring that he had given Shruti for their wedding. Also the chain and the earrings belonged to Shruti...
Abhi pocketed these and realised that the lady who just went was Shruti... he ran after her to stop her but he saw a big black car go... the car belonged to CID and now he was sure that Shruti was safe. Now he could simply concentrate on the case.

Scene 9
Freddie - "dekh Vivek mujhse behas mat kar. Ab main incharge hoon."
Vivek - "Freddie sir maine kab mana kiya. Par aapko nahi lagta hume wahan jaana chahiye."
Freddie - "maine mana kiya na."
Lavanya - "par sir aap is slide par kyun nahi jaana chahte?"
Freddie - "nahi.. wahan khatra hai."

Just then ACP comes...

ACP - "haan kya hua?"
Vivek - "sir Freddie sir slide par jaane ko mana kar rahe hain."
ACP - "kyun Freddie?"
Freddie - "sir mujhe lagta hai ki uspar jaane se maut hui hai."
Vivek - "kya Freddie sir, Raj bhi toh Simran ke saath tha jhoole par. Usse toh kuch nahi hua."
ACP - "nahi Vivek... mujhe lag raha hai Freddie ne sahi kaha."

Freddie is himself surprised that he said the correct thing... Just then Freddie gets a call... he answers it..

ACP - "haan Daya. Bahut Acha.. haan tum dono ruko wahin, hum aa rahe hain."

And then ACP asks them all to leave for bureau...

Scene 10
Daya and Shruti are there in the bureau when all others come there.

ACP - "Tum theek ho Shruti?"
Shruti - "ji sir."
ACP - "Excellant. Vivek zara wohh video recording dena jo us aadmi ne diya tha."

Vivek plays it. And when it comes to the scene where Simran shouts, ACP asks to rewind and play it slowly...
And when they do, and focus it.. they see that a pin came from somewhere which hit Simran and caused her to scream.

ACP - "aajkal Freddie ki baatein badi sahi nikalne lagi hain. Kya baat hai Freddie?"

No one speaks anything.

ACP - "Vivek, tum jaakar Dr. Saluke se is pin ke baare mein pata ko. Shruti, tum aur Lavanya Simran ke parents ko bulakar unse pooch taach karo. Saath mein baki teen baccho aur unke mata - pita ko bhi bula lo. Freddie tum Kaveri ke saath jaakar wahan jhoole ke paas dhoondhoin kahan se pin aayi... aur Daya zara chalo saath mein."

ACP walks to his cabin and others set to do their jobs.. Daya follows ACP inside and Shruti is the only one who sees them go inside and follows them.

ACP - "Daya kya pata chala?"
Daya - "sir main jaise hi hospital pahuncha, Shruti dikh gayi, toh mujhe laga ki pehle inhe wahan se nikalna zaroori hai. Shruti ki baat sunkar laga ki unhe koi samay samay par neend ki dawai de raha tha. Zaroor Shruti ne kuch dekha hoga jiska unhe darr ho."
Shruti - "sir main andar aa jaaun?"
ACP - "haan Shruti aao. Daya tum jao aur mujhe batate rehna kya pata chala."
Shruti - "sir main bhi jaana chahti hoon. Abhijeet musibat mein hain toh main unki madad karna chahti hoon."
ACP - "Shruti suno. Jis tarah tumhe Abhijeet ki parwah hai, usse bhi tumhari hai. Wohh nahi chahega ki tum musibat mein pado. Mujhe mere officer par poora bharosa hai, wohh apna khayal rakh sakta hai. Aur madad ke liye main Daya ko bhej raha hoon na. Agar Abhijeet ko pata chalega ki tum khatre mein ho, toh wohh apna dhyaan kaise rakh paayega?"
Daya - "Shruti aap pareshan mat ho. Main Abhijeet ko bilkul theek le aayunga."
Shruti - "Maine kab kaha ki aap Abhijeet ka dhyaan nahi rakh sakte. Bas main bhi jaana chahti thi par kabhi kabar duty karni chahiye."

She laughed saying so and ACP and Daya smiled.

Shruti went and joined Lavanya in calling the people to the bureau and Daya went away...

Scene 11
Abhijeet wondered what he would do next as he carried helped a patient out of the lift. ABhijeet thought of a plan - he would be here as a ward boy and try to get at the businessman. He had surely seen him there during the drug deal then how could he be there in the Hospital for days?
Abhi preferred to help people critically ill as the businessman was there in VIP ward with lots of security and the only way to get there was as a member of staff. So here he was, helping people into their rooms.

As Abhi passes the businessman's room, he heard some shouting inside... someone was really loud for Abhi could he him clearly outside.

Man - "Kya? Kisne us ladki ko jaane diya? Tum sab bewakoof ho... Us ladki ne apna muh khol diya, toh hum sab musibat mein aa jaayenge. Jaante ho kaun thi woh?.."

Abhi couldnt hear more as he had to keep moving..
While going back, he wished some miracle would happen and he could go inside the business man's room and a miracle did happen. Someone from inside asked the guard outside to call a wardboy... they called Abhi and he went inside rather glad!

Abhi - "ji"

The businessman looked perfectly fine. The owner of the hospital - Vijay Singh, was also there. Both looked rather furious. 2 women were also there in the room. One of them came towards Abhi. She looked older like the businessman's wife..

Wife - "wohh doosre wardboy kahan hai?"
Abhi - "pata nahi ji. Shayad wohh kisi patient ko lekar gaya hai."
Singh - "acha tum, jao khane ke liye kuch lekar aao aur Nihal se kaho us CID officer ko lekar aaye."

Abhi nodded and left. As he was once out of sight, he gave a sigh in relief but before long, one of the guards waiting outside the room, joined him. Abhi seized his chance and grew friendly with the guard. He pretended to be one of the wardboys knowing everything and it was quite easy to get things out of the guard.

The guard told Abhi that ofcourse the businessman wasnt in hospital for long. Indeed the CID officer's wife who escaped from the hospital had injured him during the firing. He and Vijay Singh are equal partners in the drug deals. During that particular deal, Vijay SIngh was stuck in some work and so was late. When he arrived to the scene, the bullets were already firing. He saw the officer's wife shout for her husband and then fire at the businessman. Vijay Singh, saw this and attacked her. He thought that he had seen her when he hit her head with a rod.

As they couldnt find the officer, they announced before leaving that they were taking to some building though they didnt tell that its the hospital's basement. They told a map by which he would enter through backdoor and would never figure that he was in the hospital.

Now the things were clearing in his mind. Abhi had known all he should have about what was happening. All he now needed to do was collect proper evidence and ofcourse call at the bureau. He hadnt even once called at his office in days and he knew that they were looking. He also wanted to warn Shruti that she was in danger.

Abhi thanked the guard for the story and then left to take the lunch. Nearly some 15 minutes later, as Abhi came out of the businessman's room serving him lunch, he saw Daya coming with another wardboy. Abhi tried his best to catch Daya's attention but Daya was busy trying to get something out of the wardboy's mouth. The wardboy was however mixed with the people and simply refused to speak anything... he was however surprised to see Abhi there. He knew all the staff of the hospital then who was this and what was he doing here?

Wardboy - "tum kaun ho?"
Abhi - "kya?"

Before the wardboy could speak anything, the guards outside the room asked them all to disperse and not make sounds so as to let the patient rest. Daya looked back at the wardboy who had come out of Businessman's room and he noticed that he was wearing Abhi's wedding ring... this was ABhi then!

Daya rushed to catch up and was just in time to be in lift with him. But the other wardboy was somewhere clever and came rushing too. Daya didnt care for this wardboy...

Daya - "Abhijeet?"

Before Abhi could say anything...

Wardboy - "mujhe pata tha tum yahan ke nahi ho. Main bataunga.."
Daya - "bataoge tab na jab batane layak rahoge..."

Before the lift came to a halt at the ground floor (from the 5th floor) Daya and Abhi were aiming a gun each at the man and asked him to walk quietly. He already had had Daya's dose to disobey.

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