Episode 1 Part 2

10:34 AM
The man was holding out his camera where he had recorded the swings. It was of the slide on which Simran died and in the camera the video was taked when Simran was shouting.

Daya - "Raj idhar aao. Dekho ye toh tum aur Simran hi ho na?"
Raj - "ji sir..."
Daya - "very good. Kamal aapne CID ki bahut madad ki hai. Thank You. Kya hum aapka camera le ja sakte hain? Case khatam hone ke baad aapko ye wapas mil jaayega. Aur tum teeno, chalo bureau. Lavanya, body ko forensic lab bhijwa do."

Scene 4
It had been hours since he was searching her. Not forgetting his mission, he silently searched all corridors for her. His job was there and so was hers but there was some responsiblity of his towards her as well. He had put her into danger. He wished he had called the bureau and not her. Atleast she would have had been safe. Now he didnt even know where she was.

The mystery was that four days back, Abhijeet's informer gave him butll informing him about a drug deal that was going to take place at the Texas Bar the next morning. There wasnt anything much about it except that there might be involvement of some of the wanted people in this. When Abhi told this to the ACP, ACP asked Abhi to work alone on this. Abhi followed two suspects for 2 days continuously and also when the deal was on, he caught them red handed with some Policemen. After having caught them, Abhi was on phone with Shruti telling her that he had been successful when firing started. A few Policemen were traitors and had given the plan away.

Abhi faught back with all might he could but got injured. The injury wasnt great but still. Seeking the chance the dealers ran away. Abhi had clicked their pics and he had to save them whatever. So he his somewhere no one would find him but then he heard someone call for him. It was Shruti. She had tracked him and came there searching for him. Before Abhi could come out and declare himself safe, he heard the men return and drag Shruti. They said that Abhi will come to rescue her and then they can take the evidence from him.

Now Abhi was in the building the men said they would be and he was desperately finding Shruti but he couldnt find her. He was first lying unconcious in his hiding place for few hours and finally he gathered strength and came to hunt Shruti. He hadnt called the bureau and he knew his team will be worried. Moreover, he didnt even know for how many hours he was unconcious.

Scene 5
In CID bureau, Daya was talking to the other about the case.

Lavanya - "sir Forensic se reports aayi hain. Simran ki maut zeher se hui hai."
Daya - "zeher? toh kisi ne usse khane mein zeher diya tha kya?"

Just then Saluke enters.

Saluke - "Nahi Daya. Is ladki ki maut sirf zeher khane se nahi hui."
Freddie - "sirf zeher khane se matlab?"
Daya - "kya isse ek se zyada zeher diye gaye?"
Saluke - "poore 7 zeher. Is ladki ke shareer mein 7 zeher hain."
Freddie - "saat? Par kisi ki body mein saath zeher kaise ho sakte hain?"
Saluke - "kyun nahi ho sakte Freddie?"
Daya - "toh kya is ladki ne saat zeher khaye?"
Saluke - "Nahi"
Daya - Nahi?"
Saluke - "bilkul bhi nahi."
Daya - "toh phir?"
Saluke - "is ladki ko koi kai dino se zeher de raha hai. Choti matra mein zeher roz iske shareer mein jaa raha tha. Aaj kisi ne iski chai mein zeher milaya. Iske lungs mein bhi thoda zeher hai. Aur iske shareer par 3 chote ched hain, jaise kisi ne sui chubhayi ho. Un teeno se zeher daala gaya hai."
Freddie - "Ye ladki roz zeher kha kar bhi zinda thi?"

Just then ACP enters... Daya starts telling the case report -

Daya - "sir Dr. Saluke bol rahe hain ki -"

But ACP cuts him short...

ACP - "ek minute Daya. Pehle zara mere cabin mein aao."

Saying so, ACP goes into his cabin.

Saluke - "Kya baat hai Daya?"

Everyone stares Daya as Daya goes inside ACP's cabin...

Daya - "ji sir."
ACP - "Daya meri baat dhyaan se sunna. Abhijeet aur Shruti kisi musibat mein hain. Is baat ko main sabko nahi bata sakta kyunki Abhijeet out of the way jaakar kaam kar raha tha. Shruti toh sirf wahan Abhijeet ki madad karne gayi thi aur ab dono lapata hain. Main chahta hoon tum apne informers ki madad se jaldi se unka pata lagao."

Daya is speechless...

ACP - "Tumhari car mein ek file hai jismein saari zaroori batein likh dee hain. Tum abhi nikal jao. Aur haan, mujhe lagatar batate rehna. Zaroorat pade toh bula lena."
Daya - "ji sir"

And Daya turns to leave...

ACP - "Daya..."
Daya - "ji sir."
ACP - "apna khayal rakhna. Mujhe mere saare officers wapas chahiye"

Daya smiles and leaves...

Scene 6
Abhijeet is really confused. He figured it out that he is in the basement of some building but cant tell which. There are all kinds of things here - bed sheets, trolleys, trays, scissors, cotton, paper, hay stacks, ropes, tanks, pipes and what not. This had to be a common godown. However there were somethings that Abhijeet recognised in the darkness - there were bandages too. Certainly there had to be some connection of a hospital...

Just then he heard a voice... far away he could see light... 2 people were coming...

Man 1 - "Wohh upar Doctor ne dibba mangwaya hai."
Man 2 - "kaun sa dibba?"
Man 1 - "jismein chaku - churi hain..."
Man 2 - "acha jao - wahan us taraf rakha hai."

The man showed the man somewhere near Abhi.. jus then Abhi got a plan.. he hid behind some boxes there waiting for the man to approach.. as the man came there.. Abhi put his leg out to make the man fell and in the darkness the man did fell.. He shouted loudly in pain and the other man came with torch to help...
Abhi saw his chance and ran towards the door. The other man had left the keys in the lock to rush to the man who had fallen. Abhi closed the door behind him and locked it too. He was in the parking area of some hospital.

Something in ABhi's mind asked him to go into the hospital. He wasnt as it is feeling good and he knew that he must have looked pathetic too... so he entered the first room he saw. Luck favoured him and he was in a room where the compunders would sit as there were many spare clothes. Abhi quickly changed into one and modified his look.

Scene 7
Daya was really stuck! He read the file thouroughly. The file said that Abhi reported a businessman to be at the place of trade but when Daya investigated about it, the businessman was in hospital for over a week. Some 10 days back, two men on bike fired at the man when they failed to get money out of him. There was a proper Police record of the same. But how was this possible.

Daya decided to go to the hospital himself and find out.

He went to the Mala Jeevan Hospital which was owned by a friend of the businessman - Bansilal, the exporter or furniture goods.

Daya entered the hospital and went to the reception. He held out his batch and said - "Main CID Senior Inspector Daya. Mujhe Bansilal ji se baat karni hai. Wohh yahin bharti hain na?"
Receptionist - "ji sir wohh yahin par admit hain par abhi unse milne ki kisi ko permission nahi hai. Par main aapko unki family se milwa deti hoon. Ek minute... Suno ward boy"

The receptionists calls a wardboy who was passing by...

Receptionist - "ye CID officer hain. Inhe Bansilal ji ki family se milna hai. Inhe unke paas le jao."

The ward boy nods and walks away. Daya says 'thanks' to the receptionists and follows. It was quite early and so there wasnt much rush in the hospital. There were only the attendants of the patients admitted and some staff around. The attendant led Daya through long corridors and passing many wards. Daya was looking around when he saw a woman inside a room through the corner of his eye... she looked familiar and somehow he couldnt help concentrating on her...

She was muttering something which he could faintly hear like "maara... wahan... goli... Abhijeet"
The last word rang a bell... Daya stopped outside the room and opened the curtain... Shruti lay there unconciously speaking...

Daya rushed inside. Shruti was there, safe but not in senses. The wardboy came inside with Daya..

Wardboy - "sir, yahan nahi. Aage hai room."
Daya - "ye kaun hai?"
Wardboy - "pata nahi sir."
Daya - "sister ko bulao."

The ward boy went and came a lil while later with a sister...

Daya - "sister ye kaun hai?"
Sister - "sir pata nahi. Inke saath koi nahi hai."
Daya - "kya hua inhe?"
Sister - "chloroform ki overdose ho gayi hai. 2 din se behosh hain. Kisi Abhijeet ko baar baar yaad kar rahi hain. Shayad kisi hamle mein zakhmi ho gayi hain. Kya aap inhe jaante hain?"
Daya - "haan. Ye mere saath kaam karti hain. Inka jo bhi bill hai le aao. Inka yahan se jaana zaroori hai."
Sister - "par sir ye abhi theek nahi hain. Aap yahan se inhe aise hi nahi le jaa sakte. Iska police case banega."
Daya - "sister aap saare bills banwayiye. Inka yahan se jaana bahut zaroori hai. Inka ilaaj hum ache se karwayenge. Aur Police report ke liye, CID bureau se letter aa jaayega."

The sister and the wardboy went and did as Daya asked. Daya immidiately called ACP and told her that he found Shruti and that ACP should fax the required documents to the hospital for her to be out of here immidiately.
ACP was glad that Daya found Shruti and faxed the papers.

Meanwhile, Daya went to Shruti and sprinkled some water on her face... and called her name.. Only after a few attempts, Shruti gained conscious...

Shruti - "Daya... Abhijeet kahan hai?"
Daya - "Shruti aap aaram karo..."
Shruti - "Abhijeet doosri taraf se fire kar rahe the. Maine bhi 2 - 3 logoin par fire kiya par koi peeche see aaya aur mere sir par zor se maara. Uske baad mujhe kuch yaad nahi... Jab hosh aaya, toh yahan par thi... aur mere haath mein glucose ki bottle laga rakhi thi. Jab glucose chadta toh mujhe neend aa jaati. Ye log mujhe behoshi ki dava de rahe hain."
Daya - "Shruti aap pareshan mat ho. Ab aap theek ho. Dr. Tarika aapko lene aa rahi hain aur wohh yakinan aapka bahut dhyaan rakhengi."

Shruti still wanted to ask about Abhijeet but Daya asked her not to take tension now.

Soon the sister returned with the bills. The fax had come and so everything was clear. He paid whatever the amount was and then the sister asked him to take the undertaking.

Sister - "sir, aap inke kya hain? Agar aap relative nahi hain toh aap inhe nahi leja sakte."
Daya - "chinta mat kariye..."

Shruti smiled from behind and completed the sentence...

Shruti - "ye mere bhai hain."

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