Episode 2 Part 1

10:44 AM
Case of the Jinxed Necklace

Daya is in his home.. humming and then the bell rings... he goes and opens the door and there is a boy.

Daya - "ji?"
Boy - "aap CID inspector Daya hain?"
Daya - "haan par tum kaun ho?"
Boy - "main Vishal hoon. Richa Aggarwal ka neighbour. Richa ne kaha ki ye main aapko deta jaun."
Daya - "Richa Aggarwal?"
Vishal - "Richa ne bataya ki wohh apke saath college mein thi..."
Daya - "ohh haan Richa.. kahan hai wohh abhi?"
Vishal - "pata nahi sir. 1 hafte pehle ek din achanak hi ek bag mein kapde daale aur chali gayi. Ghar mein sab samaan waisa hi pada hai. Aaj subah mere office aayi aur boli ki ye mein aapko de doon."
Daya - "okie thank You. Aap kuch lenge?"
Vishal - "nahi sir mujhe jaana hai.."

and Vishal leaves... Daya opens the letter and reads..

someone is trying to kill us. I need your help. Please find me

Okie.. Daya read the letter over and over again.. Richa hadnt mentioned anything. She just said that she wanted help.. and she didnt even tell where she was.. but she wrote her mobile number.. maybe she was hiding and didnt want to reveal her whereabout... And someone was trying to kill 'us'... who is trying to kill Richa and who is the other person in danger?
Daya called at the number but Richa never picked up.. he then realised why Richa gave the number.. he called the Mobile company and gave them Richa's number and asked for the location...

At the same hour, somewhere else in Mumbai, Shruti was sitting on the window frame.. there was little wall space and she sat there looking at the world from the 25th floor... She wasnt at her home but in a hotel.. Abhi and Shruti decided that it was time to get the house a little renovated and so there was work going on in their house, as a result, they had to shift in the hotel for a week. Shruti was looking outside smiling... and then ABhi comes from a door at the side.. he had just come out after taking a bath and has wet hair.. which he is drying...

Abhi - "Shruti kursi nahi hai kya. Neeche utaro."

Shruti looks at him.. and then looks back.. as if not hearing anything...
Abhi goes to her and looks where she was looking...

Abhi - "Utaro, gir jaogi..."

Abhi was holding her hand to pull her down and then like she looses balance, Shruti was about to fall and Abhi gets panic but it lasted only a second.. after the second.. Shruti happily jumped inside the room and was laughing...

Shruti - "tum darr gaye na?"

Abhi was silent.. he was scared... and he had to admit it.. however he remained silent... Then Shruti came to him.. and silently both of them were looking at the world outside, holding hands and then Abhi started looking at her.. but Shruti was seeing something else now.. her smile changed to a worried expression... Abhi saw it but even before he could ask -

Shruti - "Abhi... dekho wahan..."

Abhi strained to look where Shruti pointed and then he noticed... in the building opposite the road, on the 6th floor, two people were in the house... 2 girls, they seemed to be arguing... but what scared Shruti was a red light on the window.. it grew sharper but sometimes got blur.. it focused on one of the girls and then there was a bullet fired... there was no noise but the window glass broke... and the girl at the aim fell down and the other girl grew panic... she ran inside...

Abhi - "chalo.."
Shruti - "ruko dekho.. building ke neeche kaun hai - ye toh Daya hai na.. aur suno... jisne goli chalayi wohh zaroor issi building mein hoga. Main dekhti hoon koi bhaag toh nahi raha.. tum Daya ke saath jaakar dekho. Main ACP sir ko bhi batati hoon."
Abhi - "sambhal kar..."

Abhi left saying so and Shruti rushed near the stairs to see if anyone was running out and she was also checking if someone was going down the lift but that wasnt till sometime for now ABhi was in the lift..

Meanwhile, Abhi rushed down by lift ofcourse.. no one joined him entire way down... he needed to hurry... he went down, ran out of the hotel and across the road to the other building..

Daya had entered the building and he met the watchman...

Daya - "ye Richa madam kis floor pe rehti hain?"
Watchman - "kaun Richa, saab? Yahan koi Richa nahi hai."
Daya - "Richa Aggarwal.."
Watchman - "saab main sabko jaanta hoon iss building mein. Koi Richa nahi hai yahan.. aap bolo aapko kisse milna hai."
Daya - "dekho wohh ladki yahin rehti hai"
Watchman - "dekho saab kyun raat mein time paas kar rahe ho. Shareef lagte ho, chale jao warna police ko bulaunga.."

Daya raised a finger but before he said anything, Abhi had come.. Abhi placed a hand on Daya's shoulder..

Abhi - "Ye khud CID se hain aur main Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Building ke 6th floor par kisi ka khoon hua hai.. kaun kaun rehta hai wahan.. chalo jaldi.."

Now all 3 of them rush upstairs... while going up...

Daya - "Abhijeet tum yahan kaise?"
Abhi - "Shruti aur main saamne hotel mein the tab Shruti ne dikha. Kisi ne us building se aim kiya tha laser se."
Daya - "kaun kaun rehta hai 6th floor par?"
Watchman - "saab baki sab toh theek hai par ek ladki hai - Nisha madam. Ek mahine pehle unhone bahut zaldi zaldi mein ghar liye. Kuch 15 din pehle unke saath unki ek saheli Ishani madam bhi aa gayi."
Abhi - "un dono ke ghar se sadak dikhti hai?"
Watchman - "haan saab. Dikhti hai."

Daya and Abhi broke through the door. They ran into the hall and saw a girl lying there. Blood coming out of her stomach. She had been hit with a bullet on her stomach. And right in front of him, Abhi could see the broken window and beyond that the hotel where he and Shruti stayed and now he could see Shruti standing at the window with other people. Abhi guessed it to be ACP sir and others...

Watchman let out a scream on seeing the dead body.

Daya - "pehchaante ho isse?"
Watchman - "ye to Nisha madam hai.”
Daya – “Abhijeet main andar dekhta hoon.”

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