Episode 2 part 11

10:53 AM
Richa was brought to Abhi and Shruti’s house the next morning. Her things were brought here and nicely packed and she was to leave in 2 hours for her home.

Richa was in her room packing when Shruti comes in with a few wrapped gifts… she silently gives them to Richa…

Richa – “arre ye kya hain?”
Shruti – “kuch nahi…”
Richa – “par iski zaroorat kya hai?”
Shruti – “har cheez ki zaroorat hoti hai kya? Tum itne din humare saath itne pyaar se rahi… ab phir jad hi milenge…”
Richa – “aap log wahan aaoge?”
Shruti – “nahi tum yahan nahi aaogi kya?”
Richa – “yahan kyun?”

And just then Abhi enters…

Abhi – “Shruti kahan ho? Chalo der ho rahi hai… kitna kaam hai…”

Abhi sees Shruti talking to Richa and stops besides her…

Abhi – “koi zaroori baat?”
Shruti – “Abhi Richa ko kisi ne invite nahi kiya?”
Abhi – “kya?”

Richa was really confused and curious now. These people had become her good friends and she liked to get along with them…

Richa – “kis baat ke liye invite?”
Abhi – “Richa waise Daya ko tumhe bulana chahiye… after all hum kaise uske function mein kisi ko bula sakte hain?”
Richa – “Daya ka function?”
Shruti – “haan… Daya ki sagaai hai…”
Richa – “SAGAAI?”

Richa had almost tears in her eyes… her mouth was wide open and she was standing up…

Abhi – “tumhe kya hua?”

Richa realised she reacted too much and so he relaxed herself…

Shruti – “tumhe sach mein nahi pata tha?”
Richa – “nahi mujhe kisi ne nahi bataya…”
Shruti – “chalo koi baat nahi… ab toh pata chal gaya hai na.. ab toh aaogi?”
Richa – “kisse sagaai ho rahi hai?”
Shruti – “Daya ke saath college mein thi.. tum toh jaanti hogi?”
Richa – “naam?”
Abhi – “acha Shruti chalo.. kaam hai…”
Shruti – “aa rahi hoon na…”
Richa – “Shruti uska naam?”
Shruti – “Richa… guestroom mein ek packet hai.. usmein uski tasveer hai.. dekh ho. Theek hai?”

And saying so, Abhi and Shruti rush out of the room… Richa first collapses on the bed shocked and then she too rushes out towards the guest room…

Abhi and Shruti hadnt gone anywhere… they were hiding behind the door and they see Richa run out…

Shruti – “dekha maine kaha tha na… ye Daya se bahut pyaar karti hai…”
Abhi – “kya pata bathroom gayi ho?”

Shruti stares at Abhi in disbelief…

Shruti – “Abhi… wohh guest room ki taraf bathroom kyun jaayegi?”
Abhi – “ye toh usse poocho…”
Shruti – “ABHI!”
Abhi – “acha maan liya… aapko sab pata hai…”

Shruti is smiling… and then she hugs Abhi… Abhi hugs back!

When Richa enters the guest room, she sees a single small box on the bed wrapped in yellow wrapping paper… she sees no one’s around and then tears it open… there wasa cardboard box and she opens it… there was a frame… and she takes it out but instead on it being a photo frame, it was a mirror and Richa saw her own face and on the mirror ‘Richa’ was written in Daya’s hand writing… there was also a paper along and Richa opens it and it reads a sher.. beautiful 4 lines in Daya’s handwriting…

“kaash hum unse keh paate ki wohh na jaaye…
Kuch pal hi sahi par ye humare sang ruk jaaye…
Dekhe bina jinhe shaam dhalti nahi…
Unke jaane ke baad hum kahin marr na jaaye”

Richa had a faint tear in her eyes and just then Daya enters the room… he sees Richa there… with HIS POETRY in her hand…
Before Daya could say anything… everyone including ACP gathers behind him… Richa stands up…

Shruti – “kyun Richa… ab toh rukne ka bahana hai na?”

Richa doesn’t know what to say…

ACP – “acha chalo sab yahan se… kaam hai bahut… Richa ke parents ko bulana bhi hai aur ab in dono ko bhi baat karne do…”

And then Daya and Richa talk for hours and as we all know they get married but the episode will end when all leave and Daya and Richa look at each other and smile and then Richa comes and slightly hugs Daya…

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