Episode 2 Part 8

10:52 AM
Abhi and Shruti took leave…

ACP – “Freddie tum aur Vivek kaam par lag jao… Kaveri aur Lavanya hotel mein manager hain… aur tum dono waitors… mere saare officers ke wahan hote hue, mujhe waha koi gadbad nahi chahiye..”

Abhi and Shruti reach their home… it looks fine… Shruti moves forward to enter and Abhi catches her hand and pulls her back…

Abhi – “kahan jaa rahi ho?”
Shruti – “andar…”
Abhi – “Shruti andar wohh log ho sakte hain…”

Shruti lowers her gun and looks at Abhi at his face…

Shruti – “Abhi ye mera ghar hai… humara ghar hai…”

Abhi gets what she is feeling and he holds her hand even tightly to reassure her…

Abhi – “Shruti… humare ghar ko kuch nahi hoga… par hum tab tak andar nahi jaa sakte jab tak pata na chale ki andar koi hai ye nahi..”

She nodds at him and then they both check all windows and doors but everything looks fine… and then they decide its safe to enter but then as they were about to enter.. they hear a tone.. a mobile ringtone…

Abhi – “shh.. koi hai andar”

Abhi leans to listen and Shruti calls ACP…

Within next five minutes.. there are almost 20 – 30 policemen here… when they have all taken positions, Abhi breaks open the front door.. Shruti does the same with the back door and with 10 men each they enter in… the rest of the men remain out and see no one escapes… when the men inside realise that they had been trapped… and there were firing.. lots of it… most of the men were captured bt then Shruti saw one of them escape… she called Abhi who was near the exit from where the man was trying to escape.. Abhi could get the man but he fired a bullet which hit his palm.. the man saw his palm bleeding and slowed for a second… Abhi thought he would stop and so Abhi stopped too… but the man knew if he will stop, he was gone… however Abhi noticed a golden bracelet on the man’s hand… it was normal but what wasn’t usual about it was that this man was supposed to be a paid person and how did such a man afford a golden bracelet… so Abhi made a personal note of it but then he didn’t think it too long… for he had to return…

When Abhi came back… the Police were removing the bodies.. 3 policemen had died too in the firing… Abhi talked the thing with the Police and then they left… Abhi couldn’t find Shruti anywhere… Abhi got really scared… the first thought that came to his mind was horrible itself.. the Policeman didn’t speak of a girl’s body and they knew that Shruti was also an officer… he needed to find her… Abhi went to the place where he had last seen her.. there was some blood there and Abhi grew really worried… there were blood drops leading to a trail from there.. Abhi followed the trail.. they went into the kitchen and then out.. then to the study and out and then to his bedroom… Shruti was there lying on the bed… blood came from her arm... She looked weak…

She opened her eyes.. saw Abhi and smiled… Abhi was so scared… that he went and instantly hugged her…

Abhi – “kya hua tumhe?”
Shruti – “Abhi.. kuch nahi main theek hoon…”
Abhi – “kitna khoon aa raha hai…”
Shruti – “jis insaan ka tum peecha kar rahe the wohh bhagte bhaagte mujhe chaku maar ke gaya.. isiliye toh maine dekha ki wohh bhaag raha hai… pakda usko tumne?”
Abhi – “nahi bhaag gaya… par uske haath par goli lagi hai..”

Abhi then let her go and checked the wound… it wasn’t much.. the knife had rubbed there and it was not very deep either but it was bleeding…

Shruti – “Abhi main theek hoon…”

Abhi wasn’t listening… he took out a towel and cleaned it and then put on some anti septic and then took her to hospital and got her tetanus vaccine done…

Abhi and Shruti returned to Richa’s home… as they opened the door to their home… they heard a slight sound at the neighbour’s door… Shruti went there and knocked.. Priya.. who was really scared.. opened the door very slightly…

Shruti – “Priya ji hum hain… hum andar aa sakte hain..?”

Priya opned the door and tried to smile… Abhi and Shruti went in…

Shruti – “dekhiye hum jaante hain humne galat kiya.. hume aapko bata dena chahiye tha. Par …”

Just then Vishal comes from inside…

Vishal – “aap log?”
Abhi – “Vishal ji.. hum log maafi maangne aaye hain… humare karan aap dono ki jaan khatre mein pad gayi…”
Vishal – “nahi koi baat nahi… aapne humari jaan bachayi…”
Abhi – “hum batate kaise? Pata hi nahi tha kispar vishwas karein aur kis par nahi?”

There were some sweet words and then Abhi and Shruti left…

Abhi is sitting in the drawing room holding his head in his hands. Shruti got some tea…

Shruti – “Abhi??”

Abhi looks up…

Shruti – “kya hua?”

Abhi shakes his head… Shruti gives one tea cup to him and sits beside him with her own…

Shruti – “kyun pareshaan ho?”
Abhi – “pata nahi Daya kahan hoga…”
Shruti – “Abhi Daya bachcha nahi hai…”
Abhi – “pata hai…”
Shruti – “toh phir kya baat hai?”
Abhi – “pata nahi…”
Shruti – “Abhi??”
Abhi – “Shruti pata nahi… sab badal gaya hai… dekho tumhare aane se sab kuch achcha hai par kahin –“
Shruti – “tum aur Daya door ho gaye?”

Abhi looks at Shruti…

Abhi – “nahi Shruti aisa nahi hai… tumhari wajah se kuch nahi hua…”
Shruti – “Abhi mujhe pata hai… maine bhi dekha hai… Daya ko shayad lagta hai ki wohh disturb na kare”
Abhi – “par wohh disturb kaise kar sakta hai? Tum meri patni ho aur Daya mera dost hai…”
Shruti – “ye baat kabhi Daya se kahi?”
Abhi – “kuch der pehle tak mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas bhi nahi hua tha…”

Shruti smiles…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “Abhi… jo baat mann mein hai keh deni chahiye…”
Abhi – “kahi toh…”
Shruti – “tumhe kuch toh jaanti hoon… jab se tumne Daya ko Richa ke saath dekha hai… tab se tum pareshan ho…”
Abhi – “nahi wohh toh bas isiliye ki… pata nahi… Daya aur Richa ko saath dekhta hoon toh kuch ajeeb sa lagta hai…”
Shruti – “Abhi… Daya Richa ko pasand karta hai…”

Abhi looks at her really shocked…

Shruti – “oh common… sabko dikh raha hai… Daya ko kabhi itna protective dekha hai? Matlab CID team ke alawa kisi ke liye…”
Abhi – “nahi…”
Shruti – “Abhi… suno… tumhe ajeeb lag raha hai kyunki tum aur Daya hamesha se bhai ki tarah rahe ho… achanak se main aa gayi toh ab Daya ko bhi koi mil gaya hai… sab waisa hi hai jaisa pehle tha… bas Richa ke aane ke baad ab Daya ka bhi ek ghar hoga… aur tum dono ki dosti ke beech mein main ya Richa kaise aa sakte hain? Pata nahi tum dono ko ye kaun samjhaye?”

Abhi was smiling…

Shruti – “ab kya?”
Abhi – “tum CID chod kar marriage bureau kyun nahi khol leti?”

Shruti laughs…

Shruti – “phir main tumhare saath itna waqt kaise bita paungi?”

Both of them laugh…

At the same time… Daya and Richa were having a very bad time…. They were following Sikka, one of the informers of Daya, into the narrow streets on the Dharavi Chawls….

Richa – “Daya hum kahan jaa rahe hain?”
Daya – “tum chalo”

And after almost walking for 10 – 20 minutes… Sikka showed them one room…

Sikka – “saab ye kamra theek hai?”
Daya – “haan aur dekh hum yahan hai iski kharab kisi ko kaano kaan nahi honi chahiye…”
Sikka – “kyun tension lete ho saab? Tum daam dega na… toh tumko bhi pata nahi chalenga ki tum yahan ho.”

Daya got the clue and took out a brown packet from his pocket and gave it to him. Sikka smiles and left… Daya asked Richa to go in and then followed… Richa looked around. It was just one room, with a bed… a mat, one table, one chair and a little space that you could call a kitchen.

Richa – “ye kahan aa gaye hum?”
Daya – “aaj tum yahi rahogi…”
Richa – “Daya main akele yahan nahi rahungi…”
Daya – “main bahar hoon…”

Daya was leaving…

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