Episode 2 Part 9

10:52 AM
Richa – “Daya ruko.”
Daya – “kya hua?”
Richa – “mujhe yahan acha nahi lag raha…”
Daya – “Richa abhi so jao. Tum thak gayi hogi. Kal zaroori din hai…”

It was true… Richa never realized it but she had been very tired. She had fallen asleep the moment she hit the bed and she woke directly now its 9 in the morning. She couldn’t recall where she was at first and then slowly all came back to her… how could one day change your lives completely… she had now known. It first appeared to be something filmy talking of such days but it had happened to her and then she thought of CID… they had all days like this only… one day to change everything… Richa thanked God for knowing Daya… if it hadnt been for him… she doesn’t know where she would have had been now…
But where was Daya now??

Richa got up and first went to wash her face… there was a tap in the kitchen side which was totally in bad condition but thank God there came some water in it. The first few drops of water had just hit her face when Richa heard some guitar strings being played… they were the sweetest thing she had heard after long… the thing that could make her smile during the worst of nightmares… Richa ran out to see who was playing them and like she thought in the courtyard there was Daya with a guitar along with the kids of the chawl…

This tune had been one composed by whole of the group in college – the best days of their lives. Daya had been great at guitar those days but today imagining a CID officer play guitar was a little different… in an instant Richa realised how much everything had changed. They were no longer in days of no worries… today had their fair share of responsiblities… hardly they contacted one another… they were all left alone into the new world with just memories of the old one…

Daya saw Richa and smiled… Richa came to sit beside him… Daya kept playing the tune.. when it got over.. all the kids there loved it and they clapped hard… including Richa… then Daya asked them all to go for now he had work… finally it was just Richa and Daya sitting alone…

Richa – “tumhe abhi bhi wohh dhun yaad hai?”
Daya – “kyun nahi hogi?”
Richa – “nahi ek CID officer ko guitar bajane ka time kab milta hoga?”
Daya – “CID officer kya insaan nahi hote?”

And then they were both speechless… for a while!

Daya – “tum aise bahar kyun aa gayi?”
Richa – “kyun?”
Daya – “koi bhi ho sakta hai na yahan par…”
Richa – “CID officer ke saath baithi hoon… is samay mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta.”

Daya decided to play it a little naughty…

Daya – “par ye achi baat nahi hai… tum mujhe jaanti kitna ho… kya pata main bhi bura hoon?”
Richa – “haan zaroor… wohh bura insaan jo mere ek baar bulane par sab chod kar aa gaya… jo kal se meri jaan itni baar bacha chuka hai ki shayad ab tak toh record ban gaya hoga ‘most endangered human’ … wohh bura insaan jo apni team se alag hokar mere saath is jagah baitha hai taaki mujh tak koi na pahunch paaye… well mujhe aise bure log pasand hain.”

Richa was just the perfect girl for Daya… she too had a very quiet nature just like Daya’s… Indeed in college once a girl had said ‘they need to be mirror images’

Daya and Richa sat there for don’t know how many minutes… both silent but still listening to the other’s unspoken song… finally Daya’s cell phone buzzed and he got up and took the call…

Daya – “Richa chalo time ho gaya…”

Richa’s smile disappeared into the same fearful expression she had when Daya had seen her first two days back.

Daya – “Richa… daro mat… “

There was more Daya wanted to speak… Daya felt wordless… Richa had always been a great person to be with but having spent almost every moment with her since two days, Daya feared what if he lost another friend?

Since Abhi and Shruti got married, Daya had been very happy for Abhi and Shruti had instantly become a very important part of their family but Daya sometimes thought that he was missing something… Daya tried to distance himself from Abhi just so the newly wed would get sometime alone but doing so, Daya realised that Abhi had been the sole great friend Daya had and his absense made Daya very much alone.
Daya had visited all his others friends… talked to them all… but somehow none of them were as close to Daya as Abhi… Daya could justify it just by saying that Abhi and Daya afterall, had been together like always for some 10 – 12 years… CID often makes you be there at duty every second and all those seconds, Abhi was also there… Daya remembered all the talks and laughs they shared, how they both hid mistakes of the other from ACP, Daya also remembered when Abhi was hurt and then the times when Abhi helped Daya out of problems… These memories always spread smile across his face…

Though Daya knew that this was just a momentary phase, soon the ‘honeymoon phase’ would get over and then all will be back to normal but till then it was pretty quiet for Daya… and then Richa resurfaced from the past… It wasn’t the case with Richa where when 2 people meet after long, have to start it all over… indeed somehow their friendship had been stronger than he remembered… Richa was just like she was and Daya got a chance to be like he was in college… years of dealing with criminals had hardened him… he liked his life but he enjoyed his 2 days back into being the Daya he had once been… Daya now feared when the case will be over… Richa will again go back into her life routine and he didn’t want to loose this friend…

Daya pushed the thoughts aside and then left the chawl with Richa… his bike was there and they both went to the hotel. Freddie was waiting outside the hotel… Freddie is dressed as a waitor…

Freddie – “sir kahan the aap… main kitni der se khada hoon…”
Daya – “Freddie sab tyaar hai na?”

And while taking them to a room…

Freddie – “ji sir… main waitor hoon aur Vivek manager… pata nahi usne ACP sir ko kya patti padhai…”
Daya – “Freddie shikayat nahi…”
Freddie – “umm.. ji sir… Lavanya beauty section mein hai aur Kaveri Richa ji ke saath manager hai.”
Daya – “host pahunch gaye?”
Freddie – “ji sir… Abhijeet sir aur Shruti kal raat hi aa gaye the.”

Meanwhile… in a deluxe suite of the hotel Ocean waves… Abhi had put on a very fine black suit, white shirt and a black tie… somehow black complimented him a lot. He had been looking at his wrist ‘golden’ watch again and again and pacing.. and then he turned to the locked washroom room…

Abhi – “Shruti jaldi karo… kitna time lagega?”
Shruti – “Abhi aa rahi hoon… ek minute…”

And Abhi grows further tired of waiting… and then finally after what seemed like hours, Shruti comes out… the dress did look like made for her only.. it was a long black gown which sparkled. Abhi couldn’t help staring her. Shruti walked upto him but Abhi didn’t even blink…

Shruti – “kya hua?”

But before Abhi could answer… there was a knock on the door and Shruti went to see it. There was a waitor dressed in uniform with a box in his hand.

Shruti – “ye kya hai?”
Waitor – “madam ye jewellery store se aapke liye..”

Shruti takes it.. the waitor stands there… Shruti stares at the parcel and then at the waitor…

Shruti – “kuch aur bhi hai?”
Waitor – “nahi madam.. bas aap isse zaroor pehene…”

Shruti smells something suspecious… she opens the parcel and it has that same so called jinxed necklace… even though the necklace was beautiful, Shruti made a bad face…

Waitor – “koi problem madam?”
Shruti – “problem hi problem hai… kitna hi ganda set hai ye.. main ye pehenungi..”

The waitor looked worried now… Shruti rushed in and got her cell phone and she pretended to call the manager… meanwhile she clicked the waitor’s pic.. and then called Vivek… Vivek was dressed as manager…

Vivek – “madam koi problem?”
Shruti – “aapke hotel mein itne kharab set hai?”
Vivek – “I am sorry madam par humare hotel mein ye sabse acha hai…”

Abhi comes…

Abhi – “kya hua?”
Shruti – “darling maine kaha tha na.. ye hotel D grade hai. They don’t have proper jewellery.”
Abhi – “well you don’t need it either sweetheart. Abhi ke liye apni koi jewellery pehen lo, aur main nayi dila dunga. Agli baar manager se kahunga kisi ache hotel mein book kare…”
Vivek – “madam hume acha lagega agar aap humara diya set pehene…”

The waitor was a man of the killer and now he thought that so was Vivek…

Shruti – “theek hai.. par aainda aisa na ho..”

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