Part 5

8:57 AM
Dr. Charakh enters the IndraprasthAA house followed by ShOOnyAA and Shlok. The two follow Dr. Charakh to the meditation centre (poor chaps couldnot call or say it 'Dhyaan kaksh' .. and then they wish to write a hit hindi mythology based show!). Dr. Charakh settles in his place, and then ShOOnyAA and Shlok take their places, forming an isosceles triangle. Dr. Charakh lets out a sigh and then says "Yahi waqt hai. Un saatoin ko saath mein aana hoga. Un sab ki takatein ek karni hogi. Tum dono unhe dhoondo." Dr Charakh takes a book and then then keeps it in front of him "Iss kitaab mein tumhe unn saatoin ke baare mein jankari milegi.". Saying so, Dr. Charakh got up and left. ShOOnyAA and Shlok saw Dr. Charakh leave and then looked at each other.
After some time, ShOOnyAA and Shlok were in some other room. This one had lots of furniture and huge windows to allow lots of light to come in. Both ShOOnyAA and Shlok had eyes closed and were trying to concentrate but ShOOnyAA opened her eyes out of sudden frustration. "I just cannot concentrate Shlok" she said. ShOOnyAA had a weird accent. All her words ended like in sharpness than they did when they began. Shlok opened his eyes too. "We need to do it ShOOnyAA. Un saatoin ko aaj hi dhoondhna hai. Hamare paas samay bahut kam hai." he replied. "Mujhe pata hai. Par kitne saal ho gaye. Main concentrate nahi kar paa rahi hoon." ShOOnyAA looked tired but the true reason of her frustration wasnot this. Shlok seemed to know the real reason. He was calm and composed and saif "We can do it. We need to do it. Ye humara kaam hai." ShOOnyAA let out a sigh. Shlok took a deep breath and then said "wohh kitab padho. Dr. Charakh ne kaha tha ki us mein un saatoin ke baare mein likha hai." ShOOnyAA agreed. She picked up the book and opened the first page. It was no proper book but more over hand written account. It wasnot a proper book but a few sheets just stringed together. ShOOnyAA read the first page. It wasnot in hindi but sanskrit. She scanned it from up to bottom reading fast and then she said just one word "Asmin".

In some other part of the country, where it was night, a girl in her late teens or early twenties sat in her room, practicing her powers. Asmin had known that she could do somethings that others couldnot but she never seemed to boost too loud about them as she never understood them. Asmin was tough and strong and she liked this. She practiced boxing and karate. Then she heard her dad come and she rushed downstairs to meet him. Over the supper, Asmin's father announced that there has been a marriage proposal for Asmin. The groom is an able engineer and plans to settle abroad after marriage. The entire family - Mum, Dad and Asmin's two brothers (one elder and one younger) are very happy with the news but not Asmin. She protested "But I dont want to get married now. Infact mujhe shaadi karni hi nahi." "Toh kya karna chahti ho zindagi bhar?" asked the elder brother angrily. Asmin ignored him and looked at her dad "Dad, mujhe bhai ki tarah Army join karni hai. Mujhe khud ko prove karna hai." "Kitni baar... humne iss baare mein kitni baar baat ki hai na Asmin. Tum army nahi join kar sakti." said dad getting little angry. "But Dad I have grown now. I am taller, stronger and sharper! Main roz Bournvita peeti hoon." tried Asmin. "sis.. Taller, Stronger and Sharper Bournvita nahi Complain ka slogan hai." interfered her younger brother. "Horlicks ka bhi ho.. still it doesnt make a difference. Asmin tum army warmy nahi jaaogi." said Asmin's mother. Asmin got really angry. She got up and rushed to her room. Her younger brother and mother followed her but she was fast enough and she dashed for the balcony attached to her room and jumped without any delay.
There were some people coming to Asmin's house and Asmin landed directly on them. Father and elder brother heard the noise and rushed outside to see Asmin on the three guests. They apologised and helped everyone up. Asmin didnot require help and got up easily "see I am alright. Mujhe kuch bhi nahi hua." "Kyunki tum humare upar giri berta" said one of the fallen men. "Par mujhe chot toh aa sakti thi na. Wohh toh main strong hoon isiliye kuch nahi hua." answered Asmin. "Kaash hum bhi yehi keh paate. Ahh" said another one. Asmin's father and brother were really angry and they asked her to go to her room and stay there. Mother had already locked the balcony. A very irritated and frustrated Asmin tried to reason out but finally with a grim expression, went to her room.

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