Part 6

8:57 AM
Back at the IndraprasthAA house, ShOOnyAA turned to the next page of the book. Like before she scanned the entire page and then said "Haryaksh".

Some other place where it was evening, a guy in his early twenties (but with his dirty looks, looked great thirties) got down a red scooter wearin red t-shirt and from a red locker attached behind his scooter, took out a red parcel, which red - Pizza also in red colour. This guy was definitely a pizza delivery boy and with the grim expression he wore on his face, he certainly was not living one of his best days. The man climbs the staircase of a building to reach his desired house. He goes to the door and rings the bell. A fat man (reminding me of Robbie Ray's Neighbour in the Hannah Montana series) opens the door. He merrily takes the delivery but when Haryaksh asks for money, the man points at his watch and tells "kaunse paise? 30 minute se zyada ho gaye.. ". Haryaksh looks hard at the man "saab dekho maine 30 minute se pehle aapko Pizza de diya. Mujhe mere paise dedo warna..". The man gets offended and angry. "Warna.. haan? warna kya?" he asks. Haryaksh replies "Warna mujhe ye pizza wapis le jaana padega." Haryaksh is really angry. "Pizza chahiye... arre baba ko gussa aa gaya. Nahin dunga.. ja kya karega?" says the man arrogantly. Haryaksh is breathing hard and he stares the man right in his eyes for a moment and then falls on his feet immidiately. The man is taken back. Haryaksh holds the man's feet and says "meri Rosie - roti aur Rosie ki roti, ka sawaal hai saab. Mere paise de do... de do mere paise." The man takes sometime to get used to what is happening and then he shook Haryaksh off his feet and being even more nasty, said "apni Rosie ko bhej dena mere paas. Uski roti ke saath saath, kapde aur makaan ka intezaam bhi kar dunga main. Par tu ab fut yahan se. Samjha?" Haryaksh was very angry now. He got up. His eyes were red with blood. The man first thought that he had been crying but then Haryaksh raised his hands to point his fists towards the man and moved towards him. The man got scared now and moves backwards. "Saale **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******, teri **** , ******, ******, tera **** , ******, ******, **** , ******, ******... Pizza khana hai na. Free ka Pizza... aa khilata hoon tereko." Suddenly Haryaksh hands tuned to red, then orange and within seconds, they had fire coming out from them. The man was damn scared and by now both of them inside the man's house. Haryaksh closed the door as he entered and then there was a very loud scream of the man.
The neighbours heard the scream and rushed to check. There was smoke coming from inside the house They opened the doors to find the whole house was almost black. Walls were covered with ashes and in between on the floor, it seemed as if all the things of the house were melted to form a big pizza base and the owner (the rude and nasty man) was the only topping above. Lying beside this big pizza was another smaller pizza box which read "Enjoy our delicious pizza!". There was no one else inside the house.

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