Part 1

Its 4 am in the morning and Abhijeet is still workin on his laptop. He hadnt slept the whole night but was checking Police Reports about a case. However he couldnt find any worth studying results. Only it was mentioned that the culprit died in a road accident and hence the case was closed without any further investigations or details.
It was a 5 month old incident where jewellery worth crores was stolen from an International exhibition and immediately was sold separately in various parts of the world. The money so obtained was converted into diamonds within a matter of hours, after that. This was the biggest robbery ever committed with at least 15000 people involved directly or indirectly with just one Master Mind.
Last evening, ACP received a call from CID headquarters informing him that the master mind is an Indian and suspected to currently operate from Pune This information was provided by Intelligence Beaureu [I.B.] (don't mind the spelling please) 3 months back. Immediately the local Police and special Police was set to the case.

One CID inspector Rajeev, who was on this case, seemed to have solved the cast. Rajeev had a huge network of informants and within a week he seemed to have found the master mind but he didn’t inform the headquarters immediately. He asked for a day’s time so he could confirm his report before sending it in. He was granted the time.
But the report never came in and neither did Rajeev. Rajeev had gone to meet one of his informants but never returned. 2 days later, the file came to Rajeev’s assistant Kanya by post, who had been helping on the cast but Rajeev hadn’t disclosed the true identity of the master mind to her either. The file contained Rajeev’s reports on the case but Kanya immediately figured some papers to be missing. Along with them was a letter written in Rajeev’s handwriting which read –

“Culprit dead in road accident. CASE CLOSED”

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