Part 2

One week later Rajeev’s dead body was found outside a church fully stained in blood. Kanya knew her boss better to believe that he could so mysteriously close a case. Someone must surely have surely made him write the letter, before killing him. So, she secretly worked on this case alone
She found out that Rajeev had gone to meet his informant Ayush, who was manager of a resort. However, Ayush to died the same day, Rajeev had gone to meet him, in road accident. Ayush’s wife and daughter had moved out of the city. When it seemed a dead end, Kanya turned into the headquarters with her work and that of Rajeev’s. But 3 days after that, she too disappeared.

The headquarters studied the case and too smelt something fishy. Hence they decided to hand this case to CID mumbai and also send Senior Inspector Vaibhav and Inspector Sheetal to help them with the case.
Regarding this, ACP had asked all his team members to collect as much information as possible about this. Kaveri, Lavanya, Vivek and Freddie were sent to Pune to investigate about Rajeev, Kanya, Ayush and other useful information. Daya was sent to the headquarters to collect Rajeev’s body along with Dr. Tarika and also the full report of the case. Vaibhav and Sheetal were to also accompany Daya and Tarika on the way back.
Meanwhile, ACP contacted all his known people working on the same case to collect information and Abhijeet was to collect all information about the case published by the media.

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