Part 28

Daya – “Abhijeet? Tum theek ho?”
Abhi – “Daya…”

Daya took out Abhi’s gun…

Daya – “tumhari bandook”

Abhi told Daya everything Anjali told him on the way and trust me when Daya got to know who was behind all this – his face was worth watching. Daya stopped on the way thinking how was Abhi even walking… Abhi knew what was in Daya’s mind…

Abhi – “nahi yaar…abhi waqt nahi hai.”

They both rushed upstairs… now it was Daya’s turn to tell the tale… he told that right now they were in Pune. They waited for a long time outside the building for signal but none came. Only after a few minutes, a car drove the watchman away. Another few minutes later the transmitter signals were moving. One was in the building and another was going away, so, they decided to check the building and found it empty. Then they followed the signal but after sometime it was untraceable. A few minutes back (when Abhijeet threw his batch out) they got it again for a few moments but they traced the location and so came here with a good amount of force to back up. At this very moment, wherever they looked, there were bullets firing. They too fired some on their way to get rid of anyone coming.

ACP was also there in the fight… he saw Abhijeet and Daya coming running from a distance and was indeed very glad to see Abhijeet back. Abhi told the whole story again and ACP was as well shocked…however he too like Abhi knew this wasn’t time to react to the story…

ACP – “Kanya shayad top floor par hai…chalo”

The 3 rushed towards the top floor. Most fights were now over. Many dead bodies lay on the floor like carpets and screams and shouts were in the air. They were searching Kanya when Abhi thought that he saw someone with two children…must be Shruti with Pinky and Ajay… he went towards her to stop her but when he reached there, it was Kanya…

Kanya – “hat jaaiye Inspector warna ye do masoom bacche mar jaayenge”
Shruti – “itni jaldi nahi bhabhi”

Shruti had come from behind and now she too had a gun. She fired on Kanya’s leg who fell down. Abhi snatched her gun and took charge while Shruti took the children away but then Abhi took his own gun as well and pointed one each – on Kanya and Shruti.

Abhi – “ruk jao Shruti…yahan se bhaag nahi paogi…Chod do bacchoin ko”

Just then ACP and Daya come running…

ACP – “Abhijeet, ye kya kar rahe ho? Ye ek CID officer hai”

Abhi couldn’t believe his ears. ACP pointed towards Shruti and said she is a CID officer. He took his gun down. ACP turned towards Shruti

ACP – “Shruti kaisi ho beta? Aur tum yahan? Ek minute, kahin yahi toh Viren ki behen nahi?”
Shruti – “sir main sach mein Viren ki behen ho”
ACP – “isiliye toh…isiliye toh isne Abhijeet se kaha ki ye CID bureau nahi aayegi…samjhe Daya”
Shruti – “I am sorry sir par mujhe orders the ki main apni identity kisi ko bhi na disclose karun…bureau mein bhi nahi”
ACP – “par ye sab kya hai?”
Shruti – “sir, headquarters mein Viren ke khilaf already report thi. Unhone mujhse kaha ki main Viren par nazar rakhun. Ek din maine Viren ko Kanya se Abhijeet ke bare mein baat karte hue suna. Tab maine headquarters mein Abhijeet ji ke bare mein report bheji. Wahan un logoin ne investigation karke pata kiya ki shayad Viren Abhijeet par attack kare kyunki koi Viren ki wife bankar inke ghar par thi. Main Kanya ko pehchanti thi isiliye ek din main Mumbai aayi dekhne ki kya Kanya inke ghar mein hai… par nahi…wohh koi aur thi. Jab maine ye report bheji toh headquarters ne mujhe kaha ki kisi bhi tarah mujhe Abhijeet ke saath rehna hoga, taki main inki help kar sakun aur inke ghar mein kaun hai, ye bhi pata kar sakun.”

Only ACP and Shruti were smiling as though they knew each other for long… Abhi and Daya stared each other…knowing nothing about this… ACP saw this…

ACP – “arre tum dono abhi bhi nahi samjhe? Ye CID officer hai aur koi aisi waisi officer nahi, apne batch ki sabse achi. Maine khud training dee hai isse”
Shruti – “Senior Inspector Shruti, headquarters.”

Shruti said so and held out a hand to Abhijeet who shook it firmly and then Daya.

Daya – “par aap phir saare time…”
Shruti – “ji…main hi is case ki aakhiri kadi hoon. Abhijeet ji ki jaan ko khatra tha…isiliye mujhe Abhijeet ki security ke liye rakha gaya.”
Daya – “aur hume laga Abhijeet aapko security de raha hai”

Kanya who was lying on the floor listening to all this…laughed loud…

Kanya – “mil lo…jab tak mil sakte ho…bahut jald Viren tumse ye mauka cheen lega”
ACP – “kya Viren bhaag gaya?”

Shruti looked at Kanya’s fingers… they were oddly familiar… She took her hand and rubbed it…

Shruti – “make up!”
Daya – “kya?”
Shruti – “sir bureau mein kaun hai?”
ACP – “Freddie, Gangu aur 2 aur officers…kyun?”

Shruti called ACP aside and told him something. ACP was utterly shocked… he called someone and then they all decided to leave. Kanya was taken care of by the several officers who had already arrested the others… Ambulance was clearing the dead bodies.

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