DA : 7

11:40 PM
And then Aunt Polly gave Sana a warm tight hug. Sana had never known this warmth before. Ofcourse her grandmother loved her a lot and took very good care of her but her hugs were different. They were magical… they would make you feel relaxed and on top of the world… whereas this hug made her not wanting to let go… she felt safe this is totally new world.

Michelle – “Mum, why don’t Sana live with us?”
Bella – “I know, she can share my bed.”
Michelle – “no mine!”
Bella – “I said first.”
Michelle – “But I asked her to come.”
Aunt – “Oh wait girls… lets first ask Sana.”
Bella – “You will share my bed, rite Sana?”
Sana – “Oh dear. I would love to but –“
Michelle – “see I knew it. She knows I am the better one.”
Aunt – “that was rude Michelle. Apologize.”
Michelle – “I am so sorry.”
Sana – “I would love to girls but give me some time at my home. I havent known it ever and I am really looking forward to feel at home. My home.”
Aunt – “That’s all right girl. I understand but you are coming for breakfast tomorrow morning.”
Sana – “Ofcouse I don’t have even an atom to eat inside.”
Bella – “See you in the morning.”


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