Episode 1 Part 1

10:30 AM
Episode 1
The case of the poisonous needle

Scene 1
We are in a water park where all water swings are there and stuff... people have come here for picnic and they are enjoying rides and everything. There is a long queue for a particular swing... The Splash.. where people in group of 2 or 3 slide down a big slide into pool...

Simran (the first in queue) - "Raj dekho na.. kab khulega?"
Raj - "gaya hai na wohh kholne"
Tanvi - "main bhi thak gayi hoon. 15 minute se khade hain. Baki saare jhoole khul gaye."
Ishaan - "Tum mein bilkul sabra nahi hai.. Dekho aa gaya wohh."
Simran - "Main pehle... main pehle.."

The guard comes and opens the gate of the queue and then the people operating the swing come too...

Simran hands over her purse to Tanvi and takes a hankerchief from her. Simran and Raj go first. They are very excited to go... and they do.. all is fine till the slide reaches the top point... Something sharp hits Simran. She ignores it but within seconds, a pain develops throughout her body and she is unable to breathe... she screams but people think that she is screaming in fun...
When they come down..

Raj - "kya hua Simran? Itna uchal rahi thi pehle aur upar kitna chilla rahi thi tum"

Simran doesnt reponds and Raj shakes her... so Simran falls down on him. Whoever saw this shouts...
Tanvi and Ishaan come to help Raj carry her body out..

Ishaan - "ye kaise hua?"
Raj - "mujhe nahi pata. Maine kuch nahi kiya. Abhi toh ye chilla rahi thi."
Tanvi - "ye toh marr gayi hai."
Manager - "kya shor ho raha hai?"
Random Person 1 - "Khoon... khoon"
Manager - "khoon kya hua?"

The operator tells the manager everything...

Manager - "zaroor aap mein se kisi ne iska khoon kiya hai."
Ishaan - "tumhara dimaag toh kharab nahi hai?"
Tanvi - "hum to Simran ke dost hain..." Tanvi is crying out too loud and pathetically!
Manager - "nahi main CID ko bulata hoon. Guards dekhna koi bahar na jaaye aur entry bhi band kar do."

Scene 2
Freddie comes rushing in to Daya. Daya was reading a file.

Freddie - "Daya sir, aaj bhi Abhijeet sir nahi aaye."
Daya - "Kya? Aaj bhi Abhijeet nahi aaya?"

Vivek enters..

Vivek - "nahi sir. Abhijeet sir teen din se nahi aa rahe. Kisi ko nahi pata wohh kahan hain."
Daya - "ACP sir ne Abhijeet ke baare mein nahi poocha toh zaroor ACP sir ne usse kisi kaam se bheja hoga."
Freddie - "par unhone phone bhi toh nahi kiya."

Lavanya comes...

Lavanya - "kahin Abhijeet sir kisi mushkil mein toh nahi?"
Freddie - "Abhijeet sir mushkil mein? hahaha... Abhijeet sir se toh mushkil door bhagti hai."
Daya - "Nahi Freddie, pata toh karna padega Abhijeet theek toh hai. ACP sir se poochte hain."

Just then ACP enters. He has a file in his hand and he is very busy reading it. He walks past them... they all look at him wanting to ask about Abhijeet but ofcourse who will dare to stop the ACP... while walking to his room...

ACP - "Abhijeet ko andar bhejna."

Daya and others are surprised... When Abhi isnt there.. how can they send him in? And also this means that ACP doesnt know that Abhi aint here... so they are even worried and they look at each other in surprise... and ACP notices the unusual quiteness...
He stops, and also stops reading the file and stare at them while they stand in their place in shock...

ACP - "kya hua? Aaj bureau mein itni shanti kaise? Freddie bhi chup hai..."
Daya - "sir woh..."
ACP - "kya hua Daya?"
Daya - "sir Abhijeet yahan nahi hai."
ACP - "yahan nahi hai matlab?"
Vivek - "sir Abhijeet sir 3 din se nahi aaye. Hume laga aapko pata hoga wohh kahan hain."
ACP - "kya Abhijeet abhi tak nahi aaya?"
Daya - "sir Abhijeet kahan hai?"

ACP is silent.. he doesnt answer... and just then the phone rings.

Vivek answers it.. it was informing about the murder at the water park...

Vivek - "sir Water City fun park mein ek ladki ka khoon ho gaya hai."
ACP - "fauran jaakar wahan dekho."
Daya - "par sir..."
ACP - "jao Daya... main thodi der mein wahan pahunchta hoon."

There was certainly no more arguement after this. ACP went inside his cabin while the others went out of the office.

Scene 3
The CID team is there on the scene with all their tools and stuff. The swing is sealed. A crowd of hundreds stand outside the prohibited area watching as the team is working.

Daya - "Manager Kaun hai yahan ka?"

Manager comes from inbetween the crowd...

Manager - "ji main"
Daya - "acha toh yahaan ek khoon ho gaya aur tum wahan chup kar khade ho?"
Manager - "par mujhe kuch nahi pata khoon ke baare mein"
Daya - "kaun tha is ladki ke saath?"
Ishaan, Tanvi and Raj - "sir Simran humare saath aayi thi."
Daya - "Sach Sach batao kya hua yahan par?"
Raj - "sir humne kuch nahi kiya..."
Manager - "nahi sir ye ladka jhooth bolta hai. Yehi us ladki ke saath jhoole par gaya tha."

Tanvi is sobbing badly so Daya asks Lavanya to take her away.

Daya - "tum batao ki kya hua?" (to Raj)
Raj - "sir hum chaaroin toh yahan chutti manane aaye the. Simran bahut khush thi. Jaise hi hum jhoole par gaye, wohh chilayi. Hume laga ki darr rahi hai par jab jhoola ruka, toh Simran mar chuki thi."
Daya - "kya aise hi mar gayi? Pata hai na ki koi jhoole par baithne se nahi marta."
Vivek - "Daya sir..."

Vivek is sitting besides the body and examining it and Freddie is clicking pics. Daya goes to Vivek.

Vivek - "sir dekhiye body ke nakhun ke neele hone lage hain. Isse zeher diya gaya hai."
Daya - "suna? Zeher diya hai ladki ko. Aise hi nahi mari."
Tanvi - "Kya zeher?"
Daya - "haan aur tum teeno mein se hi kisi ne diya hai. Tum log hi toh uske saath the."
Ishaan - "hum kyun zeher denge Simran ko? Hum to uske dost hain."
Daya - "kyun aur kisne zeher diya, wohh toh pata laga hi lenge. Par aisa kaise ho sakta haiSu ki kisi ne nahi dekha kya hua."

Suddenly, a man from the crowd screams.

Daya - "kya hua? Kaun hai?"
Man - "sir main Kamal hoon. Ye dekhiye..."

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