Part 1

11:55 AM
" 'Atoms' - the smallest stable entity man first discovered" said Dr. Charakh for a millionth time to his students! A girl in the audience raised her hand cursing silently to have landed up in Dr. Charakh's class.
"Yes girl? I am sure you want to ask what about the sub atomic particles?" said Dr. Charakh. This question always came and he was by heart with the answer having to say it once every month for the past 2010 years.

"Actually sir, I wanted to go to the washroom" said the girl, to everyone's amusement. The whole classroom - that is a big hall with just ten students, filled with laughter. Dr. Charakh still wore his calm and composed expression. Well if you understand, he has this expression for last 2010 years, so it is like frozen and fixed on his face now. He allowed the girl who was more than happy to leave.
Dr. Charakh then continued "That girl had the question in mind but her mind is yet not enlightened. She is scared to ask questions - to find answers. But I shall answer and I know that one day, it will reach that girl too - Atoms are smallest stable entity. Though man has broken them to bits but the bits arenot complete without each other. That is what we are. Broken to bits by man made fear and insecurities but incomplete without each other."

Another hand raised in the hall. "Yes you may go to use the washroom. Donot ask again" said Dr. Charakh without even looking at who raised the hand. But the boy who did, stood up "sir actually I had a question." Dr. Charakh still with his calm and composed look turned to him "Yes speak there". "Sir can you explain with an example. I am not clear with this."

Dr. Charakh was happy - yes his expression still didnot change but he was happy. He did something on his laptop that was pretty expensive considering he is just a professor who stays on leave for half the year. The bing Bang theory's presentation played on the screen and Dr. Charakh started speaking "When we all came into existence.. I refer to the time when nothing was there..."

"Not even dinosaurs sir?" asked a boy
"No.. alot before that. When there was just energy. Like crazy and untamed wind, it roared in all the parts of the universe which is everything but yet nothing!" answered Dr. Charakh "The energy was vast. One can never imagine what it was like. And it started getting denser at spots. Those spots slowly solidified and became what we call heavenly bodies. After collisions and a series of changes, the bodies got classified as planets and stars. The the universal law of conservation unites them."
"of mass? or energy?" asked someone in the class
"of everything but yet nothing my dear child. These laws of physics are a mere part of the Universal law that I speak of. The planets came from stars, as you all will agree. But let me tell you, no planet can exist without its star or no star will exist without its planet. They make each other complete." said Dr. Charakh kind of feeling really important.
"but sir there are stars which have no planets around.." asked another boy feeling kind of sleepy.
"that is what you think not the star! However, just like that are we humans. The thing you call a soul mate - no not you spouse or girl friend / boy friend. But soulmate is someone who is needed to complete you and is incomplete without you. He / She may be your spouse, your friend, your siblings or even strangers! Just like the stories of the seven super heroes who are born in every yugAA (with a capital AA) to fight the crime and injustic, who when alone cannot be feared but when together, have no match." Dr. Charakh was into some flashback which the students couldnot see or neither cared for. But one of them accidently had some idea about it.
She asked "sir you mean the Seven YodhAA s of the Earth are going to come someday?"
Another student who had been really bored, stood up and said "sir what do you think you are teaching ?? Astronomy, Physics, Astrology, mythology or just telling stories?

Dr. Charakh hadnot heard. Even if he had, he was too busy thinking of his Seven heroes. But then the bell rang. The boy who had spoken last said "Sir, please dont tire yourself. You need to teach like a million years more for if you had to retire, you would have had like a million years earlier. And I guess, you can answer the question in the next class. We want some topic for then too.." Laughing, all students left.. Dr. Charakh silently said "Mere Seven Aayenge.. zaroor aayenge!" (Just like Rakhi says in Karan - Arjun movie)..

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