12:23 AM
After I don’t know how many minutes, I lifted my head and took mum’s feet in my hands. I starting massaging them.

Mum – “What are you doing? Girls don’t touch feet.”
Me – “But they don’t let their mother’s feet hurt either. Sorry mum, I have been bad enough lately. You have to do all the work. I am so bad na.”

Mum hugged me…

Mum – “no you arent. You are my little good daughter. But my feet are fine. You don’t need to massage.”
Me – “Mum I want to do this. If not for anyone else then for Aditya. Probably by completing all he wanted to do, I might be able to get a little in senses too!”

It did not heal the wounds but yes it made me smile through the pain. Mum and Isha missed Aditya as much as I did, but they didn’t just say it out loud. Indeed their pain had been a lot more. Mum narrated all the times Aditya fell ill and would refuse to take medicines. Isha remembered all the gifts Aditya had brought her and she showed them. I remember shopping most of them. If anyone in life, Aditya really couldn’t live without was Isha. Mum and Isha talked for a while and then they went to sleep. I felt good after like what seemed a lifetime! Being upset took a lot of energy. Smiling was comparitively an easier task. I was comparitively happier than I had been for days but I still couldn’t sleep. I plugged in my headset to the computer and then started exploring it.

There were lots of pictures. Aditya loved clicking pics. Each pic in the folder had a story attached to it. I remembered all those moments. There was a pic with Isha in pink frock. She had cake all over her. I remember that day. It was Isha’s 10th birthday. Aditya had arranged a surprised party for her. There were nineteen of Isha’s friends. School friends, bus friends and colony friends. Piyush and Aditya did the entire shopping and decorated the garage. Even I wasn’t allowed inside. I was supposed to get a cake and get Isha on time for the party. It was a surprise party. We didn’t tell her and we just told her that we will all go to dinner for her birthday. At around 7 in the evening, when Isha was really born… I mean the time… I said Isha to try on the frock. When she did so, I said lets go and show your friends. Isha did not like the idea. She ofcourse wanted a party but we said that the frock had cost enough to arrange a party. I left her outside the garage at sharp 7 and then disappeared as I was told to. I went to change and then took the cake and reached the party exactly after 10 minutes. Plan was that Isha would hear music from the garage and go in and there everyone was already there to wish her.
However, I was supposed to enter a surprise party but I entered a zoo party! Isha’s friends had got her a cake as well and just to put a little on her, they ended up applying cake all over her. When I entered with the cake, Piyush carefully took the cake so that this one gets cut and eaten than being applied like lotion. Piyush and I were conducting the games and Adi clicked the pics…

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