12:23 AM
I was seeing Adi’s childhood pics when I saw a folder named ‘Nimi’ … how could I be in Aditya’s childhood pics. I double clicked the folder but it didn’t open. It required a password. I tried all passwords I knew of Adi’s different accounts but none of them clicked here… and then I just typed something. I mean ofcourse the thing I type did make sense but I never expected that it would be Aditya’s password. The folder opened and it had other folders in it – ‘Smile’ … ‘Eyes’ … ‘Us’ … ‘Bride’ … ‘School’ … ‘Letters’ … ‘Emails’ … ‘Chat Transcripts’ … ‘drawings’ … ‘projects’ … ‘assignments’ and lastly ‘Nims’

I checked each folder one by one. Smile had like hundreds pictures of me smiling. Eyes had atleast fifteen close ups of my eyes. Us were the pictures of us together. Bride were the pics of me when I took part in a play in school and had to wear a bridal outfit. When I had asked Aditya if he clicked the pics, he had said no but this folder not only had pics of the play screening but also of our rehersals. Tears rolled down my cheeks. School contained pics of me in school. Letters had a scan of the letters I wrote and I guess it contained each and every letter I ever wrote in my life. Emails had the emails that I sent. Chat Transcripts had two sub folders. One of our chats and one of me with everyone else. Drawings… they contained sketches of me and us together but I never knew who made them until I read ‘Aditya’ signed underneath. I never knew Adi could draw too. He never showed me any of his drawings. Indeed he never even held a pencil to draw. Projects and Assignments had scans of all projects and assignments I submitted. I couldnot believe what I was seeing. According to all the data, it seemed that Aditya had been collecting it from the day I met him. It was unbelievable. Aditya loved me for all the time I was in front of his eyes and I could never see that. I missed so much time that we could have had been together. I tried opening Nims but it wont open. It too needed a password. This time I had an idea what the password could be and I could work it in three trials. It opened to reveal Microsoft Word files. Ctrl + A . 18 of them. Each of them was titled as an year. I opened the very first one.

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