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I read the entire diary. It was Aditya’s account of his class 3. He mentioned his school, his teachers, his friends, parents and himself! There was no Isha either. And the last entry of the diary was interesting.

“Diary.. I got something to wonder today. Dad and Mum came from hospital today. Mum has been going to hospital for a few days now. I asked if she is fine and she said she is. Mum came back today and she was very happy. I am never happy when I come back from a hospital. The doctor either gives me bad taste medicines or injection and I don’t like them both!

Mum and Dad were really happy today. Dad told me that the baby brother or sister which was to come will be coming in a few days now. I donot understand this. Why cant they get me baby brother or sister today? They told me so back that I will become an elder brother but no little brother or sister turned up till now. And when they have to get me one, why don’t they know baby boy or girl?

Dad asked me what do I want a boy or a girl? Dad said if it’s a boy, he can share my things and so I said I want a sister. Mohit got a baby brother – Rohit. And Rohit is so naughty. Rohit breaks all Mohit’s toys and takes all Mohit’s gift. Whereas Nishant got a baby sister Priya. Nishant’s parents get gifts for Nishant too whenever they shop for Priya. So having a sister is good, right?

If I have a baby brother then I am going to call him – Brock. And if a baby girl then Isha. I like the name Isha.

Have to go now. Sleeping time! “

By the time I reached this entry, I wasn’t feeling anything sad. I had always complained to Adi that I never knew him as a child. Probably it was all destined – Adi writing diaries and me wanting to know his childhood. I really wanted to read the entire thing at once but I knew I had to wait. I closed the computer and then went to sleep. For the first time in days, I did not have a sleepless night. I slept peacefully and when mum woke me in the morning, I was not already awake or stressed up. I was pretty happy.

I went outside and mum was making making breakfast for dad. I asked her to sit while I made the breakfast and tea. Dad was glad to see me too. Isha came then. She was going out with her friends for some shopping. She asked me to join her but I had something else to do. Dad went to office and Isha left for her friend’s place. Mum let out a sigh and settled on the sofa. I could see on her face that she had suddenly aged. Mum’s face no longer glowed and it looked that she had grown 20 – 30 years older in just a month. I needed to do something for her. I went in and called Anita Mausi – mum’s cousin sister. Anita Mausi lived in Delhi too and she and mum were really intimate. Half an hour later, the door bell rang. It was mausi. She came to talk to mum. Mum was glad to see her sister but still I saw that she had tears. I suggested if they went shopping and they agreed.

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