12:40 AM
Surprisingly, Adi was feeling the same.

On his first day of college, 21st July
“… It is good and nice but I don’t just feel complete. I think I am missing Isha and Nimi. Why am I missing her so much? We talk for hours everyday but now the number of hours are restricted. We will never have those evening strolls and the basketball games; teasing her and then buying gifts… I am going to miss a lot of things but probably this is the best, so it needs to be done…”

Reading this brought tears… With each passing day, mention of me increased and finally when he was in college, all he talked was mostly me or Isha; very little about his new life. Certainly he mentioned making new friends, going on picnics, bunking, and all such things but somewhere it was all what I was feeling – missing each other!

But then – no complains.. these moments are the only thing responsible for bringing us closer. When we actually knew that we liked each other and could probably have a nice future together.. our first dream… first vows… first promise!

Our first promise… when he had his freshers party. More than a month into college hostel; I was getting used to meeting him just on weekends and that too sometimes we had to be content with just seeing each other and passing an understanding look as the relatives would never leave us some time for talking to each other.
My cell rang in the evening. I was sitting with Isha in her room. I saw it was ‘Adi’ and I really did not want Isha to talk to him. Fine, I knew being his sister she had the right but Adi and I hardly talked. Lectures were increasing every week and our interaction was decreasing and so I went into his room to talk to him.

Adi – “Meet me at the building basketball court in fifteen minutes. Bbye”

That is all he said and cut the phone. I couldnot understand it at all. If he was coming home why wasn’t he coming upstairs. I rushed to my home. Isha was really suspecious and kept asking.

Me – “just a friend Isha. She wants to talk.. don’t worry, everything’s alright”

But I guess Isha really didn’t take my word. I just wore my slippers and rushed down. Adi came in fifteen minutes, as he said. He didn’t carry anything. I tried asking but he shut me up. We kept roaming aimlessly for sometime and then finally when I was way too curious

Me – “What is it? Why arent you coming upstairs?”

He looked at me so innocently…

Adi – “Will you come with me tonight?”
Me – “where?”
Adi – “freshers party in f-bar.”

He had to be joking. Who the hell takes still school going people to their freshers party? And Pappa would never allow that. It had been really difficult to convince him for discs and I was no way going to ask for f-bars.. and meanwhile the thought process had just started, Isha came running and hugged Adi. Weird thing – next she hugged me.

Isha – “I always knew you two were perfect together!”
Me – “What?”
Isha – “Didn’t he propose you?”

My eyes widened and I looked at Isha then to Adi in disbelief. So did Adi.

Adi – “Who told you that?”
Isha – “oh common, Mr Romeo and Ms Juliet. Since you have gone to hostel, she is so upset and you cant help exchanging looks with her whenever you are back. So stuck up both of you are..”
Adi – “ISHA… we are friends..”
Isha – “friends don’t cry each night missing each other…”

I couldnot believe that the little Isha had grown so much so as to speak all this. I kept looking at her shocked… hearing the last line, Adi turned to me..

Adi – “you have been crying?”
Isha – “see!!”

I was here, wearing my night suit and bathroom slippers, standing in the building parking at 8 pm and discussing probably the most important thing in my life. It had to be a dream! I decided to go back to my house.

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