12:42 AM
"... and mum was standing there on the door. We were all standing silently, having nothing to speak. I am glad, mum didnot speak for I was scared of hearing what she would say then. And then as if thunder hit, Nimi broke apart my hold and ran away. I wanted so bad to call her but her running away didnt have any effect on mum. She stood the way she was and stared at me. The bracelet broke and all pearls shattered. If Nimi, were to relate it - our relationship and we had shattered!
Mum walked in and sat on the bed. We both silent as long as we could.

Mum - "Do you want to say something or should I?"

There were a hundred things I wanted to say. Firstly like - It wasnt Nimi's fault... and there wasnot anything about fault either way. We didnot do anything and liking each other was no offense.... But no I didnot say any of it. I stood silent and shook my head.

Mum - "Do you like her?"

I nodded.

Mum - "Does she like you?"

I stared at mum giving her one of the 'what' stares...

Mum - "Answer me..."
Me (Adi) - "Yes"
Mum - "I am surprised, I failed to see that Namrata's choice has so much fallen."

Mum started laughing saying so. I couldnot believe my eyes. Yes, undoubtedly my mum was the best in the world and she had always been a huge support but yes, for this matter, I had my doubts.
May hugged me and said "Lets get me a daughter - in - law."

At Nimi's house, aunty seemed to be really difficult at first. Mum asked me to stay with Piyush bhai, inside. I kept trying Nim's number but she wont pick up. Half of my happiness was melting away thinking of her to be upset and crying. I wanted to shout to her... to official propose her but mum had prohibited that. After long moments of wait... I was called outside. Aunty was really difficult at the starting. She remained silent - angry silent! And then uncle called. Aunty told him the entire thing and Uncle had alot to say from the other end. When the call ended, Aunty informed that Uncle would be late.
Aunty came back and sat where she did before. Before she could speak, I bent on my knees before her and said "I maynot be the best... but I know that when Nim is there with me... I know we can together be happy always and face everything. And I know she feels the same. I am not saying I am marrying her right now but I want your permission to marry her when you will know I can keep her happy for the entire life."
Aunty had some tears and mum started clapping. Even Piyush bhai had come out. I went to him and before I could speak, he hugged me and said "I always knew they would make it some day and I am glad you both did!"

It took moments before everything was finalised. Finally Nimi was called out. She was damn scared. And by the looks on her face, she had been crying the entire time... and if I know her, praying too. I so wanted to go and hug her and share my hearts happiness with my heart but it was so damn funny seeing her like that. Finally she noticed her and I could once again see her playful eyes behind those tears which still kept flowing... "

That night, I remember, we did not talk on phone. It was just some weird shyness that had gotten into us. At 12:00 am, the cell buzzed. He messaged me “Happy Birthday Love, I know the bracelet did not work out but I hope the later gift will do”

“… yes even I don’t believe it. All this happened on her birthday eve! It feels as though I wrapped myself up as present for her birthday…”

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