12:43 AM
I dont know why but I was crying. Living all these moments, I was crying again. Suddenly the pain of loosing Adi surfaced. The truth that I would never hear him say these words again... I would never see him smile... I would never be able to hug him again...
All these things left me broken and shattered. I wish that time would fly back and I could be with him.. all over again.. The diary which had been my support for the past few months, to live... to survive... had suddenly become the reason of me loosing control on myself. I was sobbing really hard. Isha came running. She tried all her might but I couldnot just get myself to rise from where I sat.
Dad and mum came running too. Dad was surprised to see me crying in front of the computer. It didnot make sense... mum quickly told him about Adi's diary. Dad was really angry. He stormed to where I sat.

Dad - "Stop it"

Before I even had the chance to look at him.. his hand flew against the monitor and it fell on the ground shattered...

Me - "ADITYA...."

For a brief second me and Dad stood facing each other. His way of showing his sadness was the anger and mine were tears. The moment was too brief. He picked up the mouse and threw it away. The wire broke off. I tried to stop him but he wouldnot. He reached for the CPU but I came in his way.

Me - "Dad please... its all I got left of Adi.. its all we got left of him... Not Aditya... please"

Dad withdrew his stretched hands. He had tears too. I hugged him as he wept. Mum and Isha were too crying.
I dont get it - one person.. just one person gone and like all of us had lost the will to live. Isha too hugged Dad and cried. Finally when Dad could gather himself...

Dad - "Aditya is gone. You have to accept it Namrata. I know it is hard for you but it is hard for all of us. Look at yourself... you havent attended your college for 4 long months. Your studies are at stake. Even I hate going to office daily but I have to. If I dont, will be doing justice to all of you? I cant get Aditya back but atleast I can do something for the people with me."
Mum - "You have always been my daughter... since the first day when Isha brought you home.. remember? And it really hurts me to see you in pain. And being a mother, I am already dealing with loosing my son."
Dad - "As people say... wherever Aditya is - he wouldnot like to see you like this. He did and we all do know that you are strong enough to move on and we want you to."

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