12:43 AM
That night, I wept silently. It took me four months and acknowledge that Adi was gone. it was hard but I had to deal with it.


6 months had passed. Things started getting back to normal as they could. I started going to college. Well, studies definitely help to keep my mind occupied. I definitely hated it when people would come and say sorry for my loss. Nafisa tried being as cheerful as she could. I would smile to her attempts. But there were still nights when I couldnot help the tears. Mum would often see me crying and come and sit with me silently. I went to Mummy and Pappa on weekends. They were glad to see me trying to going on. At times they even tried proposing how do I plan on further life but they knew when they couldnot get me to change my mind. I needed time... alot of time.

One evening, mum had gone to pick up Isha from her swimming classes. I was at home packing. Piyush had come home for vacations and he would soon pick me up to go to home. Dad wasnot back yet. As a result I was home alone... and the phone rang. It was one phone call, that changed everything for me. I had been told that Adi met an accident when he... but neither had I asked and nor did anyone tell me - what kind of accident. Sometimes, the police would call dad for formalities. It was from the Police Station... the person on the other side informed me that the truck driver who was driving the truck, which hit Adi's car is found. He was drinking and driving and the appropriate charges have been put against him.

Never for all these years have I felt the need of doing what I was going to do now. Ever since we had been neighbors, the two houses lived as one. I have known since long where the keys to the almirah are kept; what the almirah holds… Dad often has to travel with money and so he licensed a gun on his name. It was always kept in the drawer in the cupboard and never once sought to be used. There were numerous times when mum asked me to open the cupboard to fetch something or other but I could never get myself to do so. It was wrong to open other people’s cupboard.
But today, it was different. I took out mum’s cupboard keys and opened the cupboard. Adi always told me that his hands shook when he held that gun… mine didn’t. I took the gun and rushed outside.
I had to be too preoccupied as I didn’t hear Piyush enter the house. He saw what I was doing. He must have known all of it – for it didn’t take him longer than a moment to understand what was in my mind. He tried all his might stopping me. Ofcourse, he was elder and physically stronger but I was determined.

I don’t know when but the gun pointed to his direction. My fingers, ready on the trigger.
I shouted “You knew it… you knew it all along and never did once you felt like telling me. Never once you thought that I needed to know it. But now I do…”

I kept the gun in my purse and grabbed the keys of the car. Within moments, I was driving the car as madly as I never had, racing to the Police Station.

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