3:07 AM
I knew this darkness... the same darkness had surrounded me four times earlier and I think that now I had started to look forward to it.. because it brings your voice along. But this time I had sunken deeper than ever into the darkness.. it felt kind of pleasing... this darkness not only made me listen to your voice all over again but it was also a way to reach to you... Aditya I am coming... Suddenly everything lightened. White light was replacing my darkness and I no longer felt being squeezed into darkness... I could hear your voice.. very faint.. as if you called me from a distance... The white light was taking you away... "Aditya" I was calling your name and then your voice was replaced by that of others. "NAMRATA..." It was mummy... "BHABHI..." This was Isha's voice... "NIMI.." This was Nafisa, my only best friend now...

I opened my eyes... no darkness... no way to you... I was in a hospital ward and everyone was around me... Mummy, Pappa, Nafisa, Rehan, Isha and Mum... Mummy and Mum were crying... Pappa looked really angry... Nafisa was furious... Rehan was just like always...

Pappa - "Why are you doing this?"

Mum and Mummy never stopped sobbing...

Me - "why are you both crying?"
Mum - "I lost my son I dont want to loose my daughter"

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