3:09 AM
2 hours later, I was back in my room at home... Isha and Nafisa stayed with me... Isha sat besides me while Nafisa paced in the room... These were the times when there was no numbness... just infinite pain.. I could see that Nafisa was angry but I really didnt care about that any bit...

Nafisa - "What are you exactly trying at?"

I heard Nafisa. The voice reached my brain through my ears but the brain made no gesture to respond. I kept my eyes closed. Isha shook me...

This had been the story since one month and five days. Nafisa was the only best friend I had now. She was like a sister to me. She knew me inside out… I know she cared but she had her own life and I was being a lot stubborn lately. A very small part of that was still not numb with pain, wanted to not trouble Nafisa and let her be happy but that part was really small for anything. The immense pain of the loss never let that small part work.

Nafisa – “For God sake Nimi stop acting like this. Think of uncle – aunty and Adi’s parents. How do they feel when they hear that you are in hospital. Why are you so keen on giving us all trouble?”

Nafisa was pacing in front of me as se said all this. I stayed still. Isha cried silently besides me. I held Isha’s hand and she held mine even strongly.

Nafisa – “Look at Isha. She lost her brother too. But with all the pain she knows she has to go on and in such a situation if you are there to support her… wont it be much better? Or do you want her to cry for two not one?”
Isha – “don’t say such things”

And she hugged me tightly.

Nafisa sat besides me on the other side and held my other hand.

Nafisa – “Nimi Adi is gone. You cannot change this and dieing is no solution.”

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