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“… I just cant wait! Soon, she would be through with her post - graduate course and Pappa wouldnot mind us getting married. But before that the project…”

Adi was working in dad’s company ofcourse as an assistant manager. Ofcourse everyone knew him but he never took advantage of it. He did projects like all others, followed regular timings, etc. This project, he was currently handling, was his biggest one ever. He had to prepare the regional financial reports of a particular factory that was about some 200 kms. For an ordinary person, it would have had been a task for almost a month. Adi took two. He made sure he met each and every employee in the factory, heard them and then reached any conclusion.
Finally, his report was done. He and his report partner Nishant, had gone to hand over a copy of the report to the factory.

Adi had been out of town before on such things and I was used to them. Like always, before leaving, he came to meet me…

Me – “How long this time?”
Adi – “You wont even know I am gone…”

Adi leaned in closer…

Adi – “You know it matters to me.. don’t you Nimi? And I know it matters to you too…”
Me – “That’s why I am not saying anything…”
Adi – “But I hate to see you so upset… you should be used to it by now.”
Me – “Why cant you join as a manager directly? Dad wont mind. You can do the office job where you will be back home at a fixed time and no going away unnecessarily.”
Adi – “You mean the boring stuff?”
Me – “No I mean the safe stuff… stuff with what I know you will be safe…”
Adi – “Hey common… its not like someone’s gonna kidnap me…”

I placed my palm over his mouth…

Me – “Don’t say like that…”
Adi – “Then you don’t behave like this…”
Me – “I behave like this because I care…”
Adi – “Nimi… if this is how you behave right now… what are you gonna be like after our marriage?”
Me – “I wont let you step out of the house…”
Adi – “House? Or the bedroom?”

Even years after of being in a relationship… he spoke such naughty things that made me blush and these were our special moments.

Adi – “Anyways, for being back… I would better be going and I promise I will be back… real soon!”

We hugged each other and he left…
That was the last I felt him… last time I saw him… last time I heard him… and since then, he never returned.

I stormed into the Police Station. Within few minutes, I would be in front of the person who deprived me of my life… who made it difficult for me to breath.
With every breath I take… the pain increases… realizing… that am alive without him!!
All those moments of pain were to be avenged.

I sat there in the bench which the Inspector ordered the culprit to be brought. These were the true long moments of wait.
As time passed… there was the best entry of my life. From the main door, came in Piyush and mum… while the constable brought in the man.
He was thin and tall… hadnot shaven for days and he looked perfectly the kind of person who would kill people or do worse to girls. Yes I hate him.

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