12:44 AM
Standing here, in middle of the Police Station… all thoughts came to life at once. This was the man who was the reason for me standing here – without Adi. Adi never let me stand in a queue at a café and because of this person, I was standing here. Mum and Piyush remained silent, dreading what I might do.
The Inspector gave the entire confession of the culprit – “he had to deliver his goods that day but he had drunk the last night and slept. As a result he was running late for delivery. He effect of alcohol hadnot worn out and he was driving in the wrong side to avoid highway traffic. He said… he did not see Adi’s car coming and they both met a collision on the road. The car, broke into millions of pieces and so did my life…

When the Inspector ended… I found myself hitting the man with every possible thing I could. I kicked him… slapped him… punched him and threw all things my hands could find. A female constable was immediately called to stop me. Piyush and mum tried holding me back… but they couldnot… finally I thought of the gun… I took it out of my bag and aimed at the man.
For a second… everything froze.

Inspector – “Maam… we are sorry about your loss and we promise that he gets the punishment but what you are doing is wrong…”
Me – “I knew Aditya for almost all my life. And because of this person… I will never lead the life we had together planned…”

I turned to the man…

Me – “For 10 long years… do you get that? 10 years… big time… everything changes but we were together. He is my best friend… he is the person I dreamt a life with… he is the person I knew I could share everything with… he was there when I needed someone… he was the one to walk down every lane with me… and just because you don’t care… DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS FOR ME TO LIVE?”

I pointed towards mum…

Me – “Look at her… HE WAS HER SON… does it make any difference to you? HIS SISTER HAS SUDDENLY LOST ALL HER CHILDHOOD… Who will be there to protect her from everything bad in life?”

I pointed to Piyush…

Me – “That’s my brother… he comes down to visit me every second month… ADI WAS HIS FRIEND TOO! THEY PLAYED TOGETHER… I don’t know any other guy with whom my brother could be so comfortable leaving me with.”

I turned to the Inspector…

Me – “And then you say I am doing wrong? I am just 24. I got plenty of years to live through and the problem is that its hard living every second… what do you have to say about all the years… and where was I wrong? I just loved a guy and this man… he was WRONG…!”

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