3:09 AM
Nafisa’s words shook my entire world. I knew my Adi was gone… gone forever but I am not believing it. Never. He cant leave me. He promised me that he will be back and he better be.
To the second part of the statement… I never attempted suicide. I just find myself stuck up at places where suddenly this truth dawns on me and then I loose my will to survive.

Me – “I didn’t attempt suicide. I had gone to get Isha…”
Isha – “then why did you go to pool number 16? I don’t learn in pool 16… I learn in pool 10. Bhai used to go to pool 16.”
Me – “I don’t know… I reached the club and I was coming to you but I found no one. There was no one there. I went to the pool. I don’t know why I went to pool 16.”
Isha – “Everyone was there Bhabhi. The receptionist said she called to you but you just didn’t listen.”
Nafisa – “how did you end up into the pool?”
Me – “Adi was sitting there… I was going to him…”

I told everything.. Isha still hugged me as she cried and Nafisa had some tears too. My eyes were dry. My tears were over. And I had no reason to cry either. My Adi will definitely be back.

Nafisa – “same story again… how can you see Adi everywhere when he is not there…”

Isha lifted her head and wiped her tears… she looked at me ever so innocently… for the first time in a month I saw Isha so carefully and I realised that even her face was dull due to the pain and loss.

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