3:09 AM
Isha – “Bhabhi… if seeing Bhai gets you into trouble then don’t listen to what Bhai says whenever you see him or go to him. I really don’t want to loose you too.”

Just then mummy and pappa entered the room. It took Isha a lot of courage to speak all she did. She wiped her tears and rushed out of the room. Mummy sat beside me… Nafisa told the whole thing… Mummy hugged me and cried.

Nafisa – “Nimi how you see Adi everywhere? I don’t just get you. First time Adi stood in front of a truck and you went to save him. When in front of the truck… Adi disappeared and the truck hit you. Then you touch an electric wire because you saw Adi behind it. Next you stay hungry for days and roam in hot Sun for Adi tells you that it is very hot and hungry where he is… Then you eat rat poison because Adi was drinking Soda from the bottle but when you held the bottle it turned to poison. And now you walk into the pool because you see Adi on the other side.”

Pappa – “beta lets go home. There we will take care of you…”

No… I wasn’t going anywhere… Why didn’t Pappa understand? This was home now… No I didn’t stay in my parent’s house any longer. Even though we werent married yet but Adi’s house provided me more warmth lately; especially now. Every corner and every edge here knows Adi. It helps me live another moment. Helps me survive. Staying with Mum and Dad reduced some loss. It didn’t heal the wounds or make conditions better but it just prevented me from loosing three more special people of my life.

Mum and Dad are Adi’s parents but knowing them for so long made us all one big family and after Adi proposed me, mum hugged me and said that she was officially taking me home now. I don’t want to leave this place. Not today… Not ever…

Me - “No Pappa… I got everyone here to take care of me. I am not going anywhere.”

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